In celebration of GENERATIVE, we designed an IRL showcase at the @valuartdotcom gallery in Lugano (CH) to document such an influential release. Installation view:@andyduboc @AntonioWerli, @_nonfigurativ_, @iamelizasj, @wblut, @motiondesign_01, @mwiederrecht, @qubibien,…

An Exploration of the Human Canvas: Fakewhale Cross presents BODY On June 7th, 2023 Fakewhale presented BODY — a curated release featuring three prominent performance artists in the digital art scene: Diane Lindo, David Henry Nobody Jr., and Jan Hakon Erichsen. A form of art born in the 20th centu

Fresh Perspectives, Bold Expressions: Fakewhale Cross presents NEW BLOOD On Wednesday, May 17th, Fakewhale Cross presented NEW BLOOD, a Weekly Art Market curated release featuring NEW BLOOD artists 0009, Alexei Dronov, Chef Glitch, Erin Mcgean, Etozheques, Ezekiel, Graphica.png, Images Sombres, Itsb

Back to the Roots: Fakewhale Cross presents METRO ROOTS On Wednesday, May 3rd, Fakewhale Cross presented METRO ROOTS, a Weekly Art Market curated release featuring Woc, Danctrl, Basaia, Fruttaeverdura, Luca, KappaSage, Renato Marini and Kazuhiro Aihara. An overview of the METRO ROOTS artists and the

A Photography-Centric Curated Release: Fakewhale Cross Presents ISO100 On Wednesday, April 19th, Fakewhale Cross presented ISO100, a photography-centric curated release featuring Sean Mundy, Gary Edward Blum, Mattia Cuttini, Alice in Fotoland DDO__, Bárbara Bezina, Pietro Paolini, Violet Bond and J

The Post-Abstract Decoded: Fakewhale Cross presents AB.JPEG On Wednesday, April 12th, Fakewhale Cross presented AB.JPEG, a post-abstract curated release featuring Alejandro Javaloyas, Backwards Geometry, Chepertom, Danielle LaPlante, Festinalente, gønz, Linda Dounia, Luciana Guerra, noumenal, ODD J

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