Re-Placement: A Verse Installation curated by Fakewhale

On the occasion of a curated release which involved Verse, Nighttimestory and Fakewhale, the exhibition “Re-Placement” was held on April 27th, 2023.

This initiative, characterized by deliberate experimentation, sought to create an installation that could effectively merge the ethereal qualities of digital art with the tangible essence of traditional artistic expression.

In doing so, “Re-Placement” not only redefined the conventional boundaries of art in a physical-digital context but also raised a profound question: Can a digital image of an artwork hold equivalent significance to its physical counterpart?

Far more than a conventional exhibition, this project stands as a provocative statement, challenging the core notion of physicality in art. It set out to forge a novel synthesis between the contemporary art world and the potential of blockchain technology.

A radical reimagination of the traditional art market was at the heart of this concept, encouraging an alternative vision — here, artists were invited to explore and leverage the untapped possibilities of blockchain technology, opening up new avenues in their creative pursuits.

The roster of artists involved in “Re-Placement” included Mit Borrás, Jesse Draxler, Manuel Fois, Leander Herzog, Tom Putman, Ana Maria Caballero & Hieroglyphica, Huber Huber, Mario Klingemann, Lolo & Sosaku, and Marius Lut, each contributing their unique vision, manifesting a myriad of styles and approaches, all converging upon this digital-physical dialogue.

Moreover, this exhibition stimulated a critical examination of the essence of artistic expression. By interweaving the physical with the abstract in a virtual setting, “Re-Placement” challenged preconceived notions of art’s existence and its interaction with the digital world.

As a matter of fact, this approach fosters a unique space where digital and physical realities not only coexist but interact, offering novel experiences and interpretations of art, becoming a catalyst for broader discussions about the evolution of art in the digital age, urging a reevaluation of the concepts of artistic creation and engagement.

Re-Placement: The Artists

Mit Borrás

Mit Borrás’ work offers an insightful exploration into the interplay between humans, nature, and technology, contemplating their collective evolutionary trajectory. His artistic endeavors, comprising video-based works, performances, and multi-dimensional installations, serve as essayistic portraits, embodying an augmented state of consciousness. Central to his art is the concept of interconnectedness – between biodiversity and technological progress – and the philosophical notion of adaptation as a means to transcend existential boundaries.

Featured Works:

Shaman – Adaptasi Cycle
Arcyria – Adaptasi Cycle, 2023

Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler is one of the now’s most influential creators. His influence has been felt far and wide throughout the visual arts space since the early days of Tumblr. As a singular and innovative creator, Draxler has thread his brand of fractured stoicism through the pillars of culture. He has worked thoroughly with important figures within the fashion and music industries—such as Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Alexander McQueen, and world class brands—as well as regularly contributing to major publications. Draxler maintains a staggeringly propulsive studio practice, regularly exhibiting worldwide, and amassing dedicated collectors and cult followings in spaces both online and off.

Featured Work:

The World Is Mine & I’m Thinking About You

Manuel Fois

Based in Milan, Manuel Fois (b. 1995) delves into the concept of language transmigration and the nexus between virtual and physical imagery. His work evolves from extensive audio recordings, transformed into graphic spectra through conversion software. These spectra, manually reproduced on mirrored surfaces and black glass plates, invite reflections on the transposition of language, each piece a visual echo of its original audio source.

Featured Work:

AUD_ 75639 C

Leander Herzog

Swiss artist Leander Herzog (b. 1984) has been crafting images with code since 2006, focusing on web-based generative art. With a background in digital product design and tech, Herzog’s recent foray into the world of NFTs marks a new chapter in his artistic journey.

Featured Work:


Tom Putman

Tom Putman (b. 1994) is a visual artist specializing in sculpture. His work transforms everyday objects into unique art pieces, blending traditional and digital techniques. Putman’s sculptures, inspired by mass production and medieval craftsmanship, are crafted using digital manufacturing methods like laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing.

Featured Works:

A false sense of security, 2022
The grey goblin, 2022

Ana Maria Caballero & Hieroglyphica

Ana María Caballero and Hieroglyphica have been collaborating on text-based generative projects since 2022. Their work, exploring themes of permanence, play, and poetics, delves into the intricate meanings of words and the myriad ways we engage with them. Their projects, like “POEMS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN,” highlight the enduring power of collective readership in giving life to literature.

Featured Work:

POEMS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN The Marianne Moore Edit, 2023

Huber Huber

Swiss duo Markus and Reto Huber (b. 1975), known as huber.huber, have been creating art together since graduating from the Zurich School of Art and Design in 2005. Their diverse body of work, including collages, drawings, photographs, videos, sculptures, and installations, has been featured in solo exhibitions globally, showcasing their conceptual and multilayered approach to art.

Featured Work:

Versuch (Experiment), 2017

Mario Klingemann

German artist Mario Klingemann (b. 1970) is at the forefront of using algorithms and artificial intelligence in art. Winner of the Lumen Prize Gold 2018, Klingemann’s work investigates the interplay between human perception, creativity, and machine intelligence, covering a broad spectrum from neurography to generative art and cultural data storytelling.

Featured Work:

Like This, 2011

Lolo & Sosaku

The artistic duo of Lolo & Sosaku is defined by their boundary-pushing approach, blending sculpture, installation, kinetic art, and painting. Often incorporating music and sound, their work seeks to establish a dialogue with the spectator, creating motion sculptures that transform continuously, driven by the energy and hidden forces of our time.

Featured Work:

Painting, 2022

Marius Lut

Marius Lut (b. 1976) focuses on the process, materials, and meaning of art, rather than self-expression. His minimalist, abstract works dissect painting into its fundamental components. Through presentations that highlight intentional imperfections, Lut encourages viewers to engage critically with the medium, rethinking its traditional appeal.

Featured Works:

Untitled no. 3, 2016
Untitled no. 4, 2016

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