Back to the Roots: Fakewhale Cross presents METRO ROOTS

On Wednesday, May 3rd, Fakewhale Cross presented METRO ROOTS, a Weekly Art Market curated release featuring Woc, Danctrl, Basaia, Fruttaeverdura, Luca, KappaSage, Renato Marini and Kazuhiro Aihara.

An overview of the METRO ROOTS artists and their works:


Italian artist Flavio Rossi aka Woc explores the interpretation of images and their aesthetic and symbolic significance in the modern era, revealing his deep understanding of contemporary visual language and connection to the underground art scene with “DONDI”.


Hailing from a traditional painting background, digital artist Danilo Xhema places emphasis on simplicity and the power of concept by employing the gradient tool as an expressive form — a distinctive approach exemplified within “WELCOME”.

basaia de la creme

An Argentinian digital artist, in “god save the nfts” Basaia expertly fuses oil on canvas simulations with elements of pop culture, hip-hop, streetwear, and sports for a dynamic interplay of themes and aesthetics.


With a primary focus on the study of error perception, mixed media artist fruttaeverdura utilizes a blend of media within “An apple a day” to create a distinctive piece reflecting the subject matter while highlighting his signature visual style.


Italian mixed-media artist and designer Luca continuously explores innovative materials and techniques in his work with “clubbing2007<3” illustrating his dynamic and raw style, drawing inspiration from hip-hop and electronic music genres.


Argentinian artist KappaSage produces surreal, colorful creations exemplified by “Ghetto Angels”, which displays vivid hues and surreal aspects, highlighting his talent for crafting mesmerizing pieces that embody his artistic perspective.

Renato Marini

Renato Marini, an Italian multidisciplinary artist, concentrates on crafting distinctive and evocative works, such as “Ghost Morning”, in which he displays a surreal video artwork featuring glitch components inspired by everyday life.

Kazuhiro Aihara

Japanese artist Kazuhiro explores original digital textures, brushstrokes and color palettes centered around the concept of self and presence here within “swept the doubtful grasses we can see” intertwining in his one-of-a-kind artistic approach.

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