A Photography-Centric Curated Release: Fakewhale Cross Presents ISO100

On Wednesday, April 19th, Fakewhale Cross presented ISO100, a photography-centric curated release featuring Sean Mundy, Gary Edward Blum, Mattia Cuttini, Alice in Fotoland DDO__, Bárbara Bezina, Pietro Paolini, Violet Bond and Jesse Draxler.

An overview of the ISO100 artists and their works:

Sean Mundy

A photographer & digital artist from Montréal, Sean crafts striking conceptual imagery, blending surrealism with symbolism as within the composition of “Natural Disjunction”, where a suspended figure in black instills an atmosphere of captivating tension.

Gary Edward Blum

Gary is a San Francisco-based multidisciplinary artist that explores duality and dependent opposition through painting and photography, creating a meditative aura while challenging conventional visual perception as in “ERASED WILDERNESS”.

Mattia Cuttini

Mattia Cuttini is an Italian artist whose interdisciplinary practice is situated at the intersection of graphic design and blockchain, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and creating a deeply engaging visual experience evident in “Color Cube 3”

Alice in Fotoland

Alice is an artist who masterfully captures whimsy and narrative within her visual storytelling: as in “gold fish” where “the fishermen, having met the goldfish, were not prepared for the fact that they would have to comply with all its wishes”


A lens-based artist, DDO’s abstract imagery, achieved through long and multiple exposures, conveys a sense of introspection and vulnerability with “Sabotage” prompting an acknowledgment and urge for change.

Bárbara Bezina

Bárbara Bezina’s self-portrait highlights her creative versatility and relentless curiosity with this long exposure shot revealing a deeply personal exploration of identity enveloped within “Lazul”, a manifestation of a world of questions and discovery.

Pietro Paolini

Pietro Paolini’s documentary photography reveals the intricate social and geographical aspects of South American reality, with “Sources of Power” paying homage to the sources of power driving the Venezuelan Bitcoin mining industry.

Violet Bond

Violet’s environmental art embodies a profound connection to the natural world with “Diana” ultimately capturing the artist’s affinity for wild spaces and the eternal ebb and flow of life, with nature emerging victorious.

Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler presented “Giving Flowers”: 10/10 editions subject to a 24h auction reserved exclusively for Jesse collectors.

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