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The Post-Abstract Decoded: Fakewhale Cross presents AB.JPEG

On Wednesday, April 12th, Fakewhale Cross presented AB.JPEG, a post-abstract curated release featuring Alejandro Javaloyas, Backwards Geometry, Chepertom, Danielle LaPlante, Festinalente, gønz, Linda Dounia, Luciana Guerra, noumenal, ODD JOBS, Tony Wallstrøm, xmvfx, Meelayya & Naturlichturism. 

An overview of the AB.JPEG artists and their works:

Alejandro Javaloyas

A Spanish visual artist, Alejandro’s work explores approaches from post-abstraction to ultra-photography brought together within “Alone With Everybody” to illustrate a multi-layered vision of a fragmented world where individuals search for meaning and connection. 

Backwards Geometry

Michael Wilseque, a Brazil-based visual artist, studies spontaneity, chance, erasure, deconstruction and time as active forces through multiple media, combining paint, drawing, and glitch into “Systems of Perpetual Consumption”, a post-abstract work.


Blending various media, French glitch artist Chepertom ventures beyond conventional means of creative expression. “Town.RAW” represents his ultimate experimental approach, revealing the intricate and often overlooked mechanisms that imitate reality.

Danielle LaPlante

Using paper’s ephemeral and physical qualities, US-based artist Danielle constructs collages that meditate on repetition and pattern through a combination of handmade and digital processes exemplified in “What’s Next”.


Using paper’s ephemeral and physical qualities, US-based artist Danielle constructs collages that meditate on repetition and pattern through a combination of handmade and digital processes exemplified in “What’s Next”.


gønz is a generative glitch artist who uses analog and digital techniques to create visually alive and mind-warping artworks, here in “The less is more the stress is less” enhanced through digital distortion and delicate violence of high-impact color palettes.

Linda Dounia

An artist, designer and curator, Linda’s transdisciplinary practice revolves around the connection between the material and immaterial through a variety of mediums masterfully combined within “The fruits of childhood are rotting” to recollect childhood memories.

Luciana Guerra

Luciana, an artist from Argentina, centers her artistic practice around painting, drawing, and digital art. In this particular piece, “Unreal”, she uses saturated colors and dark tones to explore the boundaries between reality and imagination.


With a lifetime dedicated to art and theory, noumenal’s approach to creation is defined by methodical precision: by questioning and deconstructing the fundamentals of aesthetics and experience, “joint compound T07” conveys the theme of regeneration.


A visual artist from London, Dan aka Odd Jobs rifles through archive material, paint marks, collects textures and scans typographic charms eroding, distressing, wobbling and layering these elements to create post-abstract compositions like “Fluid Signs”.

Tony Wallstrøm

Using themes like mental health, nature, relationships, and nostalgia, Tony captures overlooked everyday moments exemplified in “city garden, not eden, but almost”, where he juxtaposes nature and urban life to reveal powerful emotional connections.


Markus von Frieling aka xmvfx, is a German artist whose artworks skillfully blur the boundaries between abstraction and minimalism, with the piece “Portrait of a Quacksalber” illustrating the confusion and disinformation that can result from quackery.


Inspired by nature, mythology & spirituality, Meelayya’s surreal art fuses digital painting & 3D, transporting viewers to otherworldly realms: rich in color, light, and symbolism, “Through the keyhole” is a reflection of her distinct artistic style.


Using a combination of analog and digital resources, Brazilian artist Naturlichturism creates digital collages that fuse drawing, painting and photography, resulting in a process that embraces the chaos and inspiration of all realms as reflected in “Serene Instability”

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