Fresh Perspectives, Bold Expressions: Fakewhale Cross presents NEW BLOOD

On Wednesday, May 17th, Fakewhale Cross presented NEW BLOOD, a Weekly Art Market curated release featuring NEW BLOOD artists 0009, Alexei Dronov, Chef Glitch, Erin Mcgean, Etozheques, Ezekiel, Graphica.png, Images Sombres, Itsbsd, Jérôme Oudot, Karisma, Koneic, Lilyillo, Maciek Wolanski, OFuture, Michelle Thompson, Negar Sepehr, Nicola Villa, Olga Fedorova, Pale Kirill, RedruM, Roccano, Vidal Herrara, White Solitude, and Yuri_JJJJ.

An overview of the NEW BLOOD artists and their works:


LA-based artist, Chris Maestas, is known for capturing the city’s urban environment in his unique style, captured in “top2bottom” as a vibrant exploration of LA’s subcultures, and the diversity of individual experiences within the city.

Alexei Dronov

A graduated painter and graphic designer with 20 years of experience, Alexei now works in digital painting, mixed media, and 3D — with “#20” being a testament to this distinctive creative journey.


Bsd, an Experimental Digital Artist, presents “Detach,” a digital artwork crafted using Photoshop on November 21st, 2022.

Chef Glitch

Chef Glitch, a digital and analog artist, captures the eerie feeling of a dreamscape in “F**k! I’m dreaming”, echoeing the haunting clamor of battle, while recalling “the crash of guns, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield”.


Etozheques is an Eto and ai artist. The mesmerizing composition of “Homesick” declares a triumphant comeback, almost as if rediscovering its existence after an extended period of hiatus.

Erin McGean

An analog collage artist, in “Cover Girrrrrl” Erin dissects the past through a contemporary, feminine lens, here in deconstructing & reimagining Rita Hayworth through the illusion of Hollywood glamour and its fabricated realities.


An Argentinian artist, Ezekiel uses a blend of traditional and digital techniques to probe the mysteries of the human mind, with “Split T #2” representing a raw, expressive journey into human emotion.


Digital artist Graphica is a juxtaposer of uncanny ideas and daydreaming: “Garbage crayon painting of the century”, a testament to his craft, transforms the mundane into the intriguing – less perfect, more interesting.

Images Sombres

Under the alias Images Sombres since 2015, the artist explores melancholy intertwined with existentialism. “99” is a personal journey into these themes, a profound exploration of the human condition.

Jérôme Oudot

Parisian artist Jérôme Oudot blends organic and geometric elements in chaotic harmony. “THE RAFT” invites introspection on life’s journey and the influence of external events. A dynamic struggle between Matter & Mind.


Karisma’s art vibrates with pure energy, fearlessly expressing emotions like love, solitude, and fury that resonate with the audience, here invited to explore the intricacies of remembrance and loss within “it hurts to think of your smile”.


Driven by love, Koneic navigates the art world in reverse gear, with no roadmap, just moving forward, with “CRASH_TEST_EVERYDAY” prompting an intriguing paradox: ‘worry and be happy’.


Lilyillo’s art blends traditional and AI mediums, probing identity, womanhood, and memory, with “A pack of sandwiches” portraying the tense hostage situation of cutting a sandwich—squares or triangles—amidst the terror of making a wrong move.

Maciek Wolanski

A Warsaw-based illustrator, art director and lover of French comics, classic sci-fi stories megaliths, and the sea — Maciek’s “Titan Flytrap” encapsulates the restlessness of a fertile Earth, echoing Vonnegut’s “The Sirens of Titan”.

Michelle Thompson

A British illustrator and collage artist, Michelle’s bold, graphic art critiques consumerism, mass media & gender stereotypes. With “Shattered Glamour” she invites us to further probe power, identity, and representation.

Negar Sepehr

With a lifetime dedicated to art and theory, noumenal’s approach to creation is defined by methodical precision: by questioning and deconstructing the fundamentals of aesthetics and experience, “joint compound T07” conveys the theme of regeneration.

Nicola Villa

A Genoa-based artist, in “Blended paintings #01” Nicola Villa infuses the physical into the digital, using AI to breathe new life into his past works, while achieving an exquisite equilibrium between destruction and creation.


Katherine, a multidisciplinary artist from Cape Town, fuses diverse forms in “HYPER LOVE LOOP” to evoke vibrant emotions and new aesthetic languages through surreal, uncanny elements of hyperreality, nostalgia, and 16th-century portraiture.

Olga Fedorova

Brussels-based Olga Fedorova, acclaimed for her exhibitions across Europe, presents “Pilot”. Testament to her evolution in digital arts, this piece echoes her upcoming showcase at the Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Median in Graz.

Pale Kirill

With a lifetime dedicated to art and theory, noumenal’s approach to creation is defined by methodical precision: by questioning and deconstructing the fundamentals of aesthetics and experience, “joint compound T07” conveys the theme of regeneration.


Italian digital artist RedruM harnesses the power of artificial intelligence in “The Hard Life of a Scammerto” to create enduring memories and perpetually convey diverse visions through a distinct “redrum” lens.


An italian Digital artist, Rocco presents GIF “Whale processing”.

Vidal Herrara

Vidal, a graphic designer and digital artist, develops his work through abstraction as a method of study focused on surrealism and pure automatism, blended within “Endlessly Reveal” as an invitation to explore one’s true nature.

White Solitude

For White Solitude, art is a tool for coping with overwhelming emotions: journeying from minimalism to abstract painting and, finally, incorporating AI in 2023, he has attained a distinct style that transpires in “Comanche”.


As a digital artist who has been masterfully multiplying layers over the last few years, with “Octopomachy” Yuri creates a vivid portrayal of the desperate struggle between the Octopuses and Time.

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