Anti-Crash by Scerbo: A Verse Release Curated by Fakewhale

Scerbo is set to unveil the “Anti-Crash” series on Verse curated by Fakewhale — A series, in which he manifests his recent explorations into metaphysical and philosophical realms, articulated through manipulated photographic forms.


The Release Dynamics

This release is composed of 10 works, and structured as a 24-hour ranked auction with rebate, starting on September 26th at 5pm BST / 12pm EST.

Follow this link to the release:


Introducing Scerbo: The Mind Behind “Anti-Crash”

Giuseppe Solinas, also known as Scerbo, is an Italian contemporary artist living and working in Biella, Italy. With a strong influence from programming, philosophy and photography, his artistic practice reveals contradictions at the nexus of human history and nature, displaying a profound understanding of the world.

His art creates a dialogue between the everyday and the exceptional, aiming to disrupt, question, and ultimately, reevaluate our understanding of existence.

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Decoding the Layers of the “Anti-Crash” Series

A work created in Biella, Italy, and influenced by Scerbo’s multidisciplinary background, the “Anti-Crash” series embodies a tactile sensibility, juxtaposing its inherent digital nature.

As a reflection of our data-driven world, this work evokes a fleeting digital world, capturing ephemeral instants vulnerable to the inexorable flow of time and technological shifts. It is through Scerbo’s lens that we navigate the interconnected networks of data that illuminate and mystify our perceptions, which leads us into the chaos of our digital lives where once-clear boundaries dissolve into uncertainty.

At a time when most are consumed with creating the lasting and the indelible, Scerbo is uniquely focused on the opposite: capturing the inherently fleeting. Yet, in the irony that art often presents, his captures of these ephemeral moments provide them a form of permanence. This duality—of making the transient tangible—is a powerful statement on the nature of existence in our increasingly digital world.

It’s within these fleeting glitches of time that Scerbo finds his muse, transforming them into captivating narratives.


For Scerbo, distortions aren’t anomalies but stories. He immortalizes these transient moments, crafting them with a glitch-infused digital brush. The series challenges viewers to find meaning amidst the unpredictable, suggesting that such digital variations are more than mere distortions—they’re emblematic of the turbulent data currents that incessantly alter our digital lives.

In response to this digital chaos, the series accentuates the irreplaceable value of human touch amidst our increasing binary confines by asserting its defiance against algorithmic perfection, and embracing unpredictability as a source of artistic inspiration — it’s about letting the chaos guide.

The choice of the title, “Anti-Crash” is emblematic of an underlying commentary on temporality. When it comes to technology, a crash symbolizes the failure of a system, the abrupt cessation of functionality. However, Scerbo’s work explores the moments before such disruptions, the brief moments of beauty that occur in the liminal space between order and chaos. It’s a testament to the fragility of digital existence, and yet, it also celebrates its impermanent beauty.

Just as a crash interrupts the seamless flow of a program, the series touches on the fleeting moments in our own existence. This temporality is an ever-present undercurrent, where each piece feels like a captured breath—here in one instant and gone the next.

Lastly, there’s an audible dimension to the series, though not in the traditional sense. The silent flow of data, the quiet static between transmissions, the sound of pixels rearranging—while not overtly present, they are felt.

This series, in its entirety, echoes the inaudible yet ever-present frequencies of our digital age, asking viewers to “listen” with more than just their ears.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, to experience the “Anti-Crash” series is to engage in a multisensory exploration—a descent into the depths of digital consciousness and a re-emergence with a heightened awareness of the delicate balance between man, machine, and the myriad moments in between.

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