An Exploration of the Human Canvas: Fakewhale Cross presents BODY

On June 7th, 2023 Fakewhale presented BODY — a curated release featuring three prominent performance artists in the digital art scene: Diane Lindo, David Henry Nobody Jr., and Jan Hakon Erichsen.

A form of art born in the 20th century, performance art has always used the body as its primary medium of expression. On a parallel trajectory, digital art emerged through novel technological mediums, offering a new realm of dynamic and interactive creativity, reaching global audiences thanks to the internet.

Over time, these distinct art forms intersected, with performance artists leveraging digital art mediums to broaden their creative horizons.

Today, curated releases like BODY exemplify the fruition of this convergence.

An Overview of the BODY Artists and Their Works

BODY is not just a collection of performances but an exploration of human perception, relationships, and resilience. It draws you into a world where the human form is a versatile canvas, capable of articulating profound thoughts and complex emotions.

Self-taught stop motion artist, Diane Lindo, offers a stunning narrative with her piece “What You Seem”. The short, improvised horror animation is more than a simple spectacle; it mirrors her unfiltered thoughts, merging subconscious symbolism with palpable significance. In particular, it revolves around the concept of being misunderstood, a universal human experience that resonates with a wide audience.

Sculptor and performance artist David Henry Nobody Jr. presents “You Can Dish It Out But You Can’t Take It”. His piece stands as a visual metaphor, encapsulating the multifaceted nature of emotional relationships and societal expectations. Through his performance, viewers are encouraged to reflect on their personal relationships and societal roles.

Jan Hakon Erichsen, a Norwegian performance artist, offers “Blow Out” — a work that brings everyday objects to life in a profoundly human way. Here, Erichsen reinterprets the body by morphing objects into extensions of the self through intentional destruction. The journey of a balloon—from touch, to flight, to burst—is symbolic of transience, resilience, and mutability, underscoring the inherent beauty in change, while revealing how transformation can lead to newfound strength and flexibility.

Each piece within this curated release resonates with the complexities of the human condition, embodying the essence of performance art: a medium for personal expression, communication, and introspection.

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