Fakewhale Solo Series presents Code Of The Streets by Woc

Available on April 17th, Fakewhale Gallery’s Solo Series proudly presents “Code Of The Streets” by Woc. Consisting of 3 artworks — “MF,” “2000,” and “RUNNING BITCOIN” — these pieces explore art, rhythm, the digital frontier, and the streets’ unspoken codes, capturing the pulse of urban culture.

RUNNING BITCOIN by Woc, Code Of The Streets, Fakewhale Solo Series, April 2024

Code Of The Streets: Reflections on Art, Culture, and Digital Identity

Woc is an artist who dissects the imagery of our era, translating digital aesthetics into the language of canvas and spray paint.

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“Code Of The Streets” reflects Woc’s profound engagement with both the visual and thematic richness of urban culture, meshed seamlessly with digital culture’s transformative influence.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of disciplines — including art, rap music, blockchain technology, and the vibrant life of the streets — the series is a balance of aesthetic composition and social commentary.

MF | Spray on paper – 50 x 63,4 cm – ©2024

A spray-on-paper work of art, “MF” is Woc’s homage to the iconic figures who have defined the music and street culture landscapes, as MF Doom. It’s a piece that resonates with the roots and rhythm of urban life. The blur and noise suggesting a sense of dynamism and transformation, aligning with themes of cultural and technological shifts. In a way, it tends to capture the very essence of transition-fuzzy, uncertain, yet alive with possibility.

2000 | Digital artwork – ©2024

“2000” is a digital artwork that encapsulates the turn of the millennium a time marked by monumental cultural and technological shifts. Based on an iconic picture from 1983 of the artist Futura 2000 while spraying on camera, it carries a powerful visual language that in a way that explores identity and influence within the urban environment, resonating deeply with themes of legacy in digital art and street contexts.

RUNNING BITCOIN | Spray on paper – 50 x 70 cm – ©2024

Exploring the transformational nature of cryptocurrencies, “RUNNING BITCOIN”, inspired by a Tweet posted by Hal Finney in 2009, makes use of spray-on-paper technique in mirroring the rapid pace of innovation and change in both the financial and art worlds, underscoring the dynamic ties between technology, social media and creativity.

FREE THROW by Woc, ART MARKET, February 2024

The Release Dynamics

The “Code Of The Streets” series includes three pieces

MF: 1/1 – 300 xtz

2000: Open Edition – 5 xtz

RUNNING BITCOIN: 24-hour 1/1 auction  – starting bid 70 xtz

The Solo Series release will go live on Wednesday, April 17th, at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM ET on objkt.com

To stay updated on the release in real-time, follow Fakewhale and Woc on X.

MF by Woc, Code Of The Streets, Fakewhale Solo Series, April 2024

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