Fakewhale Solo Series presents A Symbol at the Surface by Vidal Herrera

On Wednesday, May 29th, Fakewhale proudly presents “A Symbol at the Surface”, a Fakewhale Solo Series release by Vidal Herrera.

In ‘A Symbol at the Surface,’ Vidal Herrera maps the cryptic language of the subconscious, where symbols and forms emerge from chaos, descending into the hidden depths of universal existence.

Through Death You Can Not Be Alone, A Symbol at the Surface, Vidal Herrera, Fakewhale Solo Series Installation View, May 2024

A Symbol at the Surface: Mapping the Metaphysical

Valentin Vidal Herrera, a self-taught artist, employs the spontaneity of automatism, where digital brushstrokes are guided by instinct and the subconscious stirrings of the moment.

Herrera’s subconscious is freed from the constraints of preliminary plans or guidelines, allowing him to take the lead without limitations, a method which not only emphasizes the inherent unpredictability and originality that characterize his work, but also makes the art-making process a fluid one.

This fluidity fosters a deep connection between Herrera’s art and the viewer’s inner self, capturing the intricate and often elusive dynamics of the human psyche. It creates a relatable experience, seamlessly bridging the gap between the artist’s subconscious explorations and the viewer’s personal interpretations.

In “A Symbol at the Surface” Herrera inquires even further into the subject matter that resonates from his subconscious, particularly when it comes to exploring the complex relationship between human psychology and abstract symbolism.

In fact, it is the very questions, “Where do these forms originate? What do these symbols represent?” that initiate new nuances with his enduring dialogue with the depths of both personal and collective unconscious.

Guided by Socrates’ enduring principle “Know thyself, and you will know the universe,” Herrera has long been on a quest to decode and articulate the intricate language of his psyche through art — an investigation that resembles walking through a symbolic forest, echoing André Breton’s concept of an interpretative delirium that unfolds unexpectedly within a ‘jungle of symbols.’

“Comienza el delirio interpretativo cuando al hombre, inadvertido, lo sorprende un miedo repentino en la selva de los símbolos.”

__André Breton, El amor loco (1937).

No End to This Illusion, A Symbol at the Surface, Vidal Herrera, Fakewhale Solo Series Installation View, May 2024

Herrera’s fascination with the abstract notions of human nature and reality serves as a foundational element across his body of work — with each work in “A Symbol at the Surface” acting as a metaphysical inquiry into the essence of reality, the unseen forces that mold our existence, and the modalities through which we connect with both the universe and ourselves.

Each piece in “A Symbol at the Surface” functions as a metaphysical query into the nature of reality, the unseen forces that shape our existence, and the ways in which we connect with the universe and ourselves.

“Through Death You Can Not Be Alone” embodies a dynamic contemplation on themes of connectivity and solitude. This piece takes viewers on a visual quest through layers of vivid chaos, guided by a deeply emotive composition. It suggests that in the existential dimension of death, we uncover a universal bond that transcends the physical plane—a concept Herrera vividly portrays through explosive color and abstract form. The artwork’s title encapsulates a comforting paradox: in the solitude of death, we discover companionship within the universal human experience.

In a similar way, “No End to This Illusion” confronts the endless cycle of perception and reality, portraying stability amidst perpetual change, urging reflection on the infinite, paradoxical nature of human inquiry, where answers only lead to new questions.

Reflecting on the role of technology, a key component of these works, Herrera notes: “The arrival of technology in all its forms only made me understand a journey full of uncertainty which I enjoy day after day.” Rather than choosing digital art as his medium, Herrera feels it chose him.

Influenced from a young age by his mother, a ceramics teacher, he was immersed in an environment where creative expression was nurtured without constraints, fostering a profound understanding of creation as an essential human attribute.

Why abstraction? Herrera’s engagement with abstraction stems from a profound philosophical inquiry into the nature of reality. He perceives reality as inherently formless, a concept that loses its essence when reduced to literal representations. For Herrera, abstraction transcends mere stylistic choice; it is a philosophical stance, an invitation to endless exploration of self, rather than an external world fixed in form.

“The artistic production, abstract in my case, seems to take on new meanings through these new indigenous tools of the digital and that although it seems to have the fundamental concepts of traditional art go beyond and try to challenge what is known about them.

Dialoguing with the everyday and thinking how to transform it through technology, which is the language that belongs to me and feels good to me, chaos is present and thought is constantly changing.

This continuous dialogue with the daily chaos, leads me to think about how my artistic process is, the digital, which is the language that belongs to me, is constantly changing and my work is not out of that.”
__ Vidal Herrera

By employing the digital medium to extend his artistic expression, Herrera captures ephemeral moments of creation where the subconscious is not concealed but vividly brought to the surface.

The truth is, it is precisely at the surface of each artwork where Herrera’s engagement with abstraction reveals its full intensity. These surfaces compelling us to delve deeper, to unearth layers of meaning obscured by the immediate visibility of every digital stroke.

Here, we fully appreciate the paradox and dual nature of the surface—simultaneously a barrier and a conduit—that guides us through a richly intricate labyrinth of signs and sensations, with each layer uncovering new depths of interpretation.

The Release Dynamics

“A Symbol at the Surface” presents two works of art, each confronting the themes of permanence and the ephemeral, existence and void, through Herrera’s distinctive lens of digital surrealism.

  • Through Death You Can Not Be Alone – 1/1 – available at 450 xtz
  • No End to This Illusion – 15/15 – available at 25 xtz

The Solo Series release will go live on Wednesday, May 29th, at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM ET on objkt.com

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