Dawn is now once again by Šimon Chovan, Estefanía B Flores, Janina Frye, Lidija Kononenko, Maya Masuda, Giorgio van Meerwijk, Louise Oates, Francesco Pacelli, Emma Papworth, Bo Sun, Valentino Vannini, Yasmin Vardi, curated by Louise Oates, Emma Papworth, Yasmin Vardi, at GPS – Greenfield Pro

In recent years, the concept of sculpture has undergone significant transformations, influenced by a rich history of experimental contemporary movements and radical curatorial practices. Marcel Duchamp, a key figure in this evolution, profoundly shaped contemporary sculpture with his introduction of

Introducing Johannes Thiel Born In 1999, Germany Visit Artist Website Johannes Thiel navigates through a variety of media and techniques, his work standing out due to the use of unconventional materials such as silicone and aluminum, as well as the employment of pneumatic mechanics to animate his sc

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