Fakewhale Solo Series presents Persistence of Form by Gary Edward Blum

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Fakewhale proudly presents “Persistence of Form”, a Fakewhale Solo Series release by Gary Edward Blum.

“Persistence of Form” captures Gary’s ongoing exploration into the dynamic tension between creation and destruction, a theme that resonates deeply across two distinctive photographic works — where each creation both emerges from and reshapes the remnants of the past.

Gary Edward Blum
ALL I'VE EVER KNOWN, Persistence of Form Installation View, Gary Edward Blum, Fakewhale Solo Series, May 2024

Persistence of Form: An Exploration of Transformation

San Francisco-based artist Gary Edward Blum is renowned for his unique approach that harmoniously blends painting with photography, creating a unique fusion that underscores his deep engagements with self-exploration, spiritual reflections, and a profound regard for the natural world.

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In “Persistence of Form,” Gary deepens this exploration, investigating the perpetual tension between the lasting and the transient. This theme is vividly captured across two photographic works, each symbolizing the ongoing cycle of artistic expression. Here, the emergence of new forms from the fragments of the old, alongside the transformation or obscuration of these existing elements by the new, underscores a theme of continuous evolution.

Each piece begins with a monochromatic photograph—an emblem of historical continuity and a medium traditionally used for memorializing time and preserving memory. Every setting a foundation of permanence. Yet, Blum disrupts this permanence by overlaying vibrant geometric shapes, lines, and colors, introducing a dynamic element of change and intervention.

In his own words, “Through this work I consider how the acts of creating and destroying are not merely opposites but are fundamentally interconnected processes that drive the artistic endeavor and the continuous reshaping of our visual and conceptual landscapes. An ongoing dialogue between the pictorial realities I capture through my photographs and the artistic interventions I layer upon them. This process is not merely about creating images but about narrating stories through the medium of meditation, balance, composition and time.”

This juxtaposition crafts a vivid contrast between the stark black and white imagery and the bold, colorful geometric interventions, symbolizing the dual forces at play—creation and destruction.

“ALL I’VE EVER KNOWN” features bold, assertive colors that dominate, nearly masking the photographic details beneath. This visual prominence acts as a force of destruction, where the new disrupts and supersedes the old.

On the other hand, “HALF CAUGHT MEMORY” features finer, more translucent lines that blend seamlessly with the underlying images. This softer integration represents a respectful form of creation that both preserves and transforms the original, offering a subtle yet profound commentary on form and composition.

“Without the distraction of color, the focus shifts to the essential lines and forms that define space. This can be seen as a meditation on the boundaries we impose and the structures we imagine—silent yet powerful forces that shape the essence of place.”

__ Gary Edward Blum

These varied approaches underscore the complex interplay between preserving the familiar and introducing the new—a dynamic not merely of conflict but of essential dialogue, crucial for the evolution of art and ideas.

Additionally, by leaving traces of fingerprints and studio marks visible, Gary invites viewers into the tangible process of creation, which encompasses both additive and subtractive methods, ultimately weaving the theme of creation interlinked with destruction into the narrative itself; these marks not only documenting the artist’s physical interaction with his work but also deepening the connection between the creator and the observer, contributing to the collective experience of each artwork.

Gary Edward Blum
HALF CAUGHT MEMORY, Persistence of Form Installation View, Gary Edward Blum, Fakewhale Solo Series, May 2024

The Release Dynamics

The series features two main photographic works, each with its distinctive release dynamics

  • “ALL I’VE EVER KNOWN” will be available through a 24-hour auction, starting at 1,000 xtz, with the highest bidder receiving a signed and stamped print.
  • “HALF CAUGHT MEMORY” will be available as an Open Edition, priced at 5 xtz.

The Solo Series release will go live on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM ET on objkt.com

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Gary Edward Blum
ALL I'VE EVER KNOWN, Persistence of Form, Gary Edward Blum, Fakewhale Solo Series, May 2024

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