Uncertain Index by P1xelfool: Objkt’s First Native Generative Art Release

On Wednesday, July 10th, Objkt.com will debut “uncertain index” by p1xelfool, marking the platform’s first ever native generative art release. This release, launching in collaboration with Fakewhale, will be hosted within the Fakewhale Gallery on objkt.com.

Objkt in collaboration with Fakewhale presents Uncertain Index by p1xelfool

p1xelfool is a São Paulo-based digital artist who combines rigorous research with interdisciplinary creative experimentation in generative art to transform perceptions.

His upcoming generative release, “uncertain index” represents a significant first for objkt.com, as it marks the very first native generative art release through the debut of their generative art engine, a tool designed to expand creative possibilities for artists on the platform. Initially available exclusively through the Fakewhale Gallery, this feature will expand availability to all platform users in the coming months.

“The launch of our generative art engine marks an exciting expansion of creative possibilities on our platform. This gallery-exclusive initial phase allows for concentrated refinement and improvement. We’re thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with our partners to develop a tool that truly serves the needs of our diverse artist base. Looking ahead, we anticipate opening this feature to the broader objkt.com community, possibly as soon as this fall.”

__Objkt Co-Founders Brian & Timothy Mc Alister

uncertain index by p1xelfool, July 2024

Utilizing the renowned p5.js library framework, this project by p1xelfool innovatively employs code to generate outputs directly within the browser in real-time. Each artwork originates from a deliberate manipulation of data arrays within the code. As p1xelfool tweaks these arrays, the outcomes on the screen are largely beyond his control, resulting in visuals that are unpredictable and unique with each rendering. This process-oriented approach underscores the exhibition: it’s not just about the visual forms that emerge but about the act of creation itself — the minimal control p1xelfool has over the final visuals, further emphasizing the spontaneity that is inherent in generative art.

The series of works was initially presented in June as part of a dedicated press showcase curated by Fakewhale at WUF, 2-day press-only event at Basel.

During this time, in a dedicated interview, p1xelfool further gave insight into his creative journey, stating that “One reason I use chunky pixels is to take the utilitarian aspect of computers out of my work and shift attention from tasks like spreadsheets and calculations to something more experiential. I’m trying to understand if art through computers and screens can provide experiences similar to those we have in nature, where you’re not trying to attribute meaning but just feel something. So, my work mostly stays on the screen.”

Through “uncertain index,” p1xelfool invites viewers to dive deep into the mechanics of his creative process, challenging traditional perceptions of the artist as a controller and instead portraying the artist as a collaborator with the forces of algorithmic procedures and chance.

uncertain index by p1xelfool, July 2024

The Release Dynamics

“uncertain index” will be available as open edition, priced at 22 xtz per piece.

The release is scheduled to take place within the Fakewhale Gallery on objkt.com, starting on July 10th at 4 pm CEST.

To stay updated on the release in real-time, follow Fakewhale and p1xelfool:

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