Fakewhale Solo Series Presents Mens Simulata by Ganbrood

On July 3rd Fakewhale Solo Series proudly presents “Mens Simulata” by Ganbrood.

“Mens Simulata” exemplifies Ganbrood’s distinctive approach to digital art, seamlessly blending photographic realism with mythological themes, creating a framework where technology enhances artistic expression and enables viewers to engage deeply with the nuanced interplay between reality and imagination — ultimately inviting them to partake in completing the artistic narrative.

Evolving Myths: New Narratives in the Age of the Machine

Shaped by a multifaceted background encompassing special effects, 3D animation, video game development, and photography, Ganbrood has consistently explored visual narratives that blur the lines between reality and illusion.

Since 2019, he has embraced Synthetic Image Generation via Machine Algorithms as his preferred medium for artistic expression.

In his Fakewhale Solo Series, “Mens Simulata,” Ganbrood embarks on yet another creative exploration that merges mythological motifs with futuristic visions. This series ultimately exemplifies his skill in integrating advanced digital technologies with a profound understanding of historical narratives, creating a dialogue that bridges epochs through art.

Reflecting on his journey, Ganbrood states, “As generative AI evolves rapidly, my focus has shifted from pure realism to exploring the edges of reality—those ambiguous spaces that lie between the physical and the imaginary world. My work now aims to evoke surprise and wonder, inviting the viewer to complete the artistic journey. It is in these pseudo-figurative pieces where I hope my work transcends its medium and finds its true form within the viewer’s mind.”

Mens Simulata, The Phantasmal Pantheon of Elysium's Simulacrum, Ganbrood, Fakewhale Solo Series Installation View, July 2024

In “The Phantasmal Pantheon of Elysium’s Simulacrum,” Ganbrood transforms a mythological pantheon by placing timeless figures juxtaposed with contemporary, yet futuristic elements.

Mens Simulata, Obfuscated Ascent of Ilium’s Fabricated Mind, Ganbrood, Fakewhale Solo Series Installation View, July 2024

“Obfuscated Ascent of Ilium’s Fabricated Mind,” in a similar way explores identities through time.

Beyond the Machine: Ganbrood’s Artistic Synthesis

Ultimately, this series is a profound reflection of how Ganbrood has used Synthetic Image Generation via Machine Algorithms to reconcile the dual aspects of his creative nature — rigorous attention to detail and his aspiration for expressive freedom. The deep-learning technologies, often misunderstood as mere tools, serve as crucial partners in his artistic exploration, enabling him to navigate and transcend the traditional limitations imposed by conventional artistic methods.

Ganbrood emphasizes the importance of personal vision and character in his work, especially when technology is a primary medium. He explains, “As a professional photographer, I have always understood that true artistry goes beyond the mere capabilities of technology. It is essential that my work reflects my personal vision and character. While painters and sculptors naturally infuse their work with their essence, the challenge is greater when the method of production, such as a camera or an algorithm, plays a significant role in the final outcome. In these contexts, maintaining a distinct personal signature in one’s work is crucial, ensuring that the art reflects the unique perspective of the artist rather than just the tool or technology used.”

This philosophy underpins Mens Simulata,” ensuring that each artwork not only showcases Ganbrood’s signature but also allows the technology to amplify rather than mask his creative voice — simultaneously enabling viewers to actively participate in and complete the unfolding narrative.

The Release Dynamics

“Mens Simulata” is composed of two pieces:

  • The Phantasmal Pantheon of Elysium’s Simulacrum – 1/1 – English Auction – Reserve price starts at 1500 xtz
  • Obfuscated Ascent of Ilium’s Fabricated Mind – 64/64 Editions – 40 xtz

The Solo Series release will go live on Wednesday, July 3rd, at 4 PM CEST / 10 AM ET on objkt.com.

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