Fakewhale Cross Weekly Art Market IV

On Wednesday, March 29th, Fakewhale Cross presented its Weekly Art Market IV curated release featuring Viola Rama, Ni Petrov, Formless, Luca and Mime.

An Overview of the Artists and Their Works:

Viola Rama

With a multidisciplinary approach Viola explores themes of femininity, identity and posthumanism as explored in “Intra-Muse” through a focus on the construction of identity in relation to the intersection of technology and the body — drawing inspiration from science fiction and futuristic imagery.

Ni Petrov

A contemporary artist, with “Kronverkskiy Proliv” Ni conveys the transience of human existence through the analogy of human movement in the context of a city and light and shadow, both of fleeting and irretrievable nature.


A Turkish artist currently studying for his doctorate at the Anadolu University Sculpture Department, formless explores the boundaries of the form while investigating the absence of emotion and eroticism, with this particular piece, “2xgood” questioning pain.


An Italian mixed-media artist, Luca’s work is defined by a relentless pursuit of novel materials and techniques, greatly influenced by design processes, a careful observation of nature and the ability to master the impossible as reflected in “building”


A paper collage artist based in France, Mime gives a new dimension to the collage, breathing life into still objects with no digital addition. Here, in “STANDING HERE 01” lies the genesis of an emotion, reflecting the malleability of its surroundings.

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