neurocolor’s Evolution into a Digital Alchemist: From Oil to Pixels

neurocolor, a Mexico City-based artist, is a self-proclaimed visual alchemist and digital cultist who pushes artistic boundaries through a captivating fusion of physical painting, digital photography, and glitch sonification techniques.

In January 2020, he minted his inaugural artwork titled “Mercury,” marking his entry into the CryptoArt scene.

Unexplored Aesthetic Terrains and Visual Poetry

neurocolor had embarked on his artistic journey as a traditional oil painter, however gradually felt restricted by the confines of the academic art institution and its emphasis on conventional art forms.

Seeking fresh avenues for self-expression, he decided to extend his artistic practice within the digital art realm, merging his traditional techniques with the boundless possibilities of the digital medium.

A newfound medium, NFT technology and the crypto-art scene provided him with the ideal and essential platform to showcase his distinctive and experimental style, allowing his artistic vision to flourish. 

Digital Alchemy: neurocolor ‘s Fusion of Traditional and Digital Artistry

As cited above, neurocolor ’s creative process employs a captivating fusion of physical painting, digital photography, and sonification glitch techniques to craft his art as digital collages. Works, that are infused with his particular interest in cyberpunk, vaporwave, generative art, and typography, through which he explores a diverse range of artistic styles.

As he experiments, the creation of a unique visual language remains at the core of neurocolor’s artistic philosophy, with an unwavering focus on capturing the essence and vibe of each individual artwork.

Every work of art begins with the meticulous crafting of assets, such as 3D sculptures or scans of his own paintings, in which diverse elements are skillfully merged together, emphasizing composition, the interplay of various styles, movements, and forms.

The result is a digital collage that gives birth to unexpected connections, forging a truly unique visual language that explores novel aesthetic territories.

They embody intangible vibes, evading the grasp of reason and defying verbal description, standing as ethereal forms of visual poetry. 

Unveiling the Arcane Beauty: Exploration of Digital Aesthetics and Uncharted Terrains

Most of neurocolor ‘s works focus on exploring the arcane world of pure digital aesthetics. He emphasizes the unpredictable beauty that can emerge from the problem-solving process of image creation software and explores uncharted aesthetic terrains.

Among his most iconic works minted on SuperRare, “Hypercore 未来”, “Evermore — 永々”, “Negative Null”, and “hollowgram” — with every piece serving as an expression of his exploration and mastery of digital aesthetics.

When it comes to inspiration, he draws from a wide array of sources encompassing diverse artists and eras. Among these, his creative influences encompass science fiction, video games, anime, research on brain and visual perception, color theory, psychedelics, contemporary magic, and the crypto movement.

Throughout the course of his transformation from traditional oil painting to now, a GIF maximalist, neurocolor has demonstrated and continues to exemplify a remarkable ability to adapt, innovate, and redefine the boundaries of artistic aesthetics and expression.

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