FW LOG: Editorial Feed No. 007

Introducing FW Editorial Feed No. 007, a tribute to the transformative genius of Virgil Abloh, whose work continues to redefine the contours of contemporary creativity and cultural expression to this day.

Taking our editorial cover as a starting point, we explore the landscapes he shaped, reflected through the exclusive insights of his collaborators Bogdan Plakov, Woc and No Text Azienda. Seamlessly transitioning, we witness the launch of PRNTD today, a transformative technology in art authentication, marked by its inaugural Jesse Draxler collaboration featuring unique canvas prints and the U&I exhibition book. Following, we delve into Dangiuz’s Antimatterworld—a novel digital platform where art intersects with futurism. The discourse then pivots FW ROOMS with Marco Grendel’s analysis of decentralized collectives, mapping their transformative potential. Lastly, Fakewhale Radar showcases 6 generative artists on Objkt to keep an eye on followed by this week’s FW Vault Spotlight featuring the works of Woc, Scorpion Dagger, and Ganbrood.

Traversing the cultural landscape shaped by Virgil Abloh, this piece unveils the essence of his influence through the reflections of his collaborators. Bogdan Plakov‘s photography offers a window into Abloh’s design philosophy; Woc (Flavio Rossi) merges digital art with fashion, reflecting a new era of creativity; No Text Azienda’s video production captures the spirit of Off-White, echoing the brand’s cultural pulse. Each collaborator offers a unique perspective, collectively painting a picture of Abloh’s pioneering role in blending fashion, art, and digital media, underscoring his legacy as a cultural innovator who reshaped the contemporary creative landscape.

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Launching today, November 27th, PRNTD disrupts the art and editorial world with its innovative technology designed to authenticate artworks and editorial pieces with unparalleled precision. This significant debut is highlighted by the Jesse Draxler x PRNTD collection, a testament to the synergy of groundbreaking technology and artistic expression — A collection featuring limited edition canvas prints and the recent U&I exhibition book. As the art world continues to become increasingly digital, PRNTD sets new standards for integrity and provenance. Start discovering the Jesse Draxler x PRNTD collection before it goes sold out!

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Dangiuz’s Antimatterworld exemplifies community-driven innovation. Within this novel platform, dystopian imagination meets philosophical inquiry to redefine a new era of digital art: Antimatterworld, with its zero-fee ethos, invites a spectrum of artists to a collaborative arena, each lending their unique contribution. Here, Dangiuz’s journey transforms into a collective movement, weaving together diverse artistic narratives that challenge and inspire, marking a pivotal shift in how digital art interacts with and reflects our evolving societal and technological mediums.

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In Marco Grendel’s latest FW ROOMS publication, he expertly differentiates decentralized organizations from the narrower DAOs, charting the evolution of these entities to highlight their defining feature: authority-free, automated onchain collaboration. In doing so, he transitions into the critical steps for decentralization, such as stakeholder mapping and tool selection, threading in the inherent challenges and best practices that underpin effective governance. Ultimately, Grendel offers a pragmatic reflection on the strategic implementation of decentralized governance to bolster organizational efficiency and success.

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In this week’s Fakewhale Insights, FW Radar casts a spotlight on six generative artists on Objkt you should be keeping an eye on. Bridging the gap between traditional art and computational innovation, these artists—Travess Smalley, Chris Ried, William Mapan, Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez, Paul Prudence, and Matt DesLauriers—embrace unpredictability and algorithmic precision. Their work, which spans from digital prints to interactive installations, not only expands the digital art landscape but also delves into the philosophical interplay between art, science, and emotion, signaling a transformative era in the narrative of art and technology.

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This week’s Fakewhale Vault Spotlight features the vault works of Woc, Scorpion Dagger and Ganbrood.

Nine months by Woc

“’Nine months’ / Spray on paper / 50x60cm / 2022 Michael Jackson dangles his baby over a hotel balcony (Berlin, 2002)”

Michael Kutsche

Godzilla by Scorpion Dagger

Minted in the Fakewhale vault 81 weeks ago.

“God is vengeful”

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If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him by Ganbrood

Minted in the Fakewhale Vault 20 weeks ago.

“By guiding neural networks and curating the outcome, I interrogate the boundaries between photography and classical and contemporary art forms | artist: Bas Uterwijk (@ganbrood)| medium: PNG, 2160×3840 | original creation date: May 23, 2023”

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