Fakewhale Cross Weekly Art Market I

On Wednesday, March 8th, Fakewhale Cross presented its debut Weekly Art Market I curated release featuring Quirarte + Ornelas, Manuel Fois, Alejandro Javaloyas and Festinalente.

An Overview of the Artists and Their Works:

Quirarte + Ornelas

A Mexican artist duo whose practice lies within the infinite layers of materiality, in “Shadow Cast – Structure 8” Quirarte + Ornelas draw upon the structural elements of their physical geometric sculptures to bring novel environments to life.

Manuel Fois

Based on his ever-evolving aesthetics in which recordings and glitches converge into tangible shapes, for “Element_040fT3G78Am0n1F” Manuel processes an outdoor recorded MP3 track algorithmically to create captivating visuals.

Alejandro Javaloyas

A Spanish visual artist, Alejandro’s work explores a broad spectrum that ranges from post-abstraction & ultra-photography, displayed here in “A solas con la edad, mientras tú duermes” as different elements coexist while exploring the themes of love, mortality and intimacy of the human body.


An Italian mixed-media artist, Luca’s work is defined by a relentless pursuit of novel materials and techniques, greatly influenced by design processes, a careful observation of nature and the ability to master the impossible as reflected in “building”


An Italian anarch-abstract artist devoted to bringing form and color to any surface, Festinalente combines acrylic, spray, oil pastel and marker on canvas within “io sono quel che sono” to convey the ethos of a piece that has been in the making for months.

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