Fakewhale Solo Series presents Out Ouch Pass by Scerbo

On March 13th 2024, Fakewhale is set to present “out ouch pass” — an exclusive Fakewhale Gallery release by Scerbo that will unveil its newest format focused on solo releases.

Out ouch pass by Scerbo release flyer, Fakewhale Solo Series, March 2024

Out Ouch Pass: Computational Technological Deliriums

Giuseppe Solinas, also known as Scerbo, is an Italian contemporary artist living and working in Biella, Italy. With a strong influence from programming, philosophy and photography, his artistic practice reveals contradictions at the nexus of human history and nature, showing a profound need for detachment from the rational known.

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The upcoming Fakewhale Gallery release, “out ouch pass,” represents a profound critique and exploration of the digital era’s influence on art and personal identity, continuing the exploration initiated in Scerbo’s recent works. Scerbo’s previous “anti-crash collection” was in fact conceived through the illusion of a mistake during its digital creation; the program’s algorithm suggested a restart: error message, error message. “You’re doing it wrong: insufficient information to encode this collection.”

Now, by applying what he refers to as “computational technological delirium” to the anti-crash series, Scerbo further makes his way into the complexities of digital transformation.

“If my last work 2023 exposed the intimate memory of my shots to the glitch of my digital brush, “out ouch pass” instead will expose every identity reference of my digital work to the risk of losing any aesthetic recognisability obtained in these two years.

Losing to gain, gaining to lose: a matter fully in line with the web3 ecosystem but also with the mutation of biological ecosystem that nature has been silently developing for millennia.”


100x100 Void, Scerbo, 2024

This process is emblematic of a larger investigation into how digitalization affects aesthetic recognizability and identity, encouraging a dialogue on the ephemeral nature of digital existences. As well as serving as a mirror to the constant evolution observed in both technological and natural environments, suggesting a parallel between the adaptability required in the digital age and the inherent changeability of nature itself.

This parallel extends into his utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in the creative process, where AI is not merely a tool but a partner. As such, this specific collaborative process brought by Scerbo sheds light on the ongoing negotiation between control and surrender, highlighting the unpredictable yet potentially transformative outcomes of integrating AI into artistic practice.

By its very nature, “out ouch pass” exemplifies the dual potential of AI to both enhance and disrupt traditional artistic processes, prompting a reevaluation of the artist’s role amidst the rapid advancements of digital technology.

Putting this potential into words Scerbo affirms, “ I love AI. AI does what I don’t want to do, exactly as I would do it, in the times I want. AI surprises me in a nanosecond, AI erases me from memory of myself as an artist by corrupting Anti-crash without shame or pain. AI renews, purifies coherent ideal, AI crushes memory without fear. And above all, AI allows me to rearrange outputs on my manual video editing timeline, where I still decide the rhythms of my composition and where I feel like the great orchestra conductors while they gesticulate and no one understands what it means.”

Expanded Dark, Scerbo, AI Abstraction, March 2024

The Release Dynamics

This Fakewhale Solo Series release by Scerbo  is composed of 2 artworks – Airdrop unfeathered and Noumenal sacrifice wrapped – and structured as the following:

  • Airdrop unfeathered – 1/1 auction with 1000 xtz reserve
  • Noumenal sacrifice wrapped – Open edition 10 xtz

    The release is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13th, starting at 4 PM Central European Time within the Fakewhale Gallery.
Airdrop unfeathered, Scerbo, out ouch pass, Fakewhale Solo Series, March 2024

Fakewhale Solo Series: An Overview of the Fakewhale Gallery’s New Format

Established in conjunction with the exclusive release of objkt.com’s Objkt Galleries tool, Fakewhale Gallery was conceived with the ART MARKET — an ongoing, on-chain exhibition designed to promote artistic dialogue and collaboration between established and emerging artists, while simultaneously creating opportunities for broader synergies within the art market.

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Since its first release on February 7th 2024, and its subsequent group-releases, the launch of “out ouch pass” coincides with the debut of a new Fakewhale Gallery format, a key initiative by Fakewhale to continue supporting this cross-disciplinary artistic exchange.

This new format emphasizes curated solo releases, allowing a deeper focus on individual artists and their work. Following a tiered approach, the structure of each release—typically comprising a 1/1 piece, a limited edition, and an open edition (may differ upon drop)—offers a varied entry point for art collectors, democratizing access to high-quality art while maintaining exclusivity and uniqueness.

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Interested in taking part in one of the next Fakewhale Gallery releases? Send an email to curation@fakewhale.com to get the chance to feature your work.

Boxer Wendless, Scerbo, 2024

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