Fakewhale Physical II: The Fakewhale Vault Permanent Collection

Since its inception, the Fakewhale Vault is an ongoing innovative curatorial project that aligns the traditional art world with the rapidly advancing digital art scene.

To support and amplify the voices of digital artists, a variety of experiences have been created, from media and in-person exhibitions to meta-experiences. Following, is a presentation of the one of the physical showcases of the collection: Fakewhale Physical II, an exhibition that took place at the Valuart gallery (Lugano-Paradiso) in July 2022.

Neo Forest - Annibale Siconolfi

What is the Fakewhale Vault?

An ongoing curatorial project, and key component of Fakewhale’s core mission, the Fakewhale Vault serves as a unique space for showcasing the cultural relevance and artistic depth of digital art.

The Vault’s approach to digital art is distinct, emphasizing the intrinsic value of artworks over their commercial aspects — meaning that none of the artworks are for sale.

As an on-chain, permanent collection, it functions as a testament to the enduring impact of digital art, highlighting its role in the broader narrative of contemporary art; a perspective that establishes the Vault not just as a collection but as a cultural repository, offering a lasting record of the digital art movement.

Contributions to the Vault come from a curated selection of artists, each invited to mint an original piece for the permanent collection. These works encapsulate a range of artistic expressions, from personal stories to creative innovations, collectively painting a vivid portrait of the current digital art landscape.

Confronting the challenges of misconceptions and profit-focused narratives in the digital art domain, Fakewhale positions itself as an advocate for the authentic representation of digital art’s cultural significance, envisioning a future where the artistic and historical value of digital art is universally acknowledged and celebrated.

Change - Etiene Crauss

Fakewhale Physical II: A Showcase of The Fakewhale Vault Permanent Collection

After the success of the first display, from July 30th-August 2nd, 2022, the format made its return with yet another IRL exhibition hosted at the Valuart Gallery (Lugano-Paradiso) featuring Fakewhale Vault artists Stefano Contiero, Annibale Siconolfi, Haydiroket, Mattia Cuttini, Leander Herzog, Etiene Crauss, Frederik Vanhoutte and Coldie alongside Spotlight artists introvoid, Phosphor, Huw Messie, Zancan, Yazid, Astrosuka, Iskra Velitchkova, Anna Malina, Freshpaint, kitasavi, daratan, Antonio Werli, Tradscape, antigoon_, singlezer0, Riccardo Cagnotto, Gary Edward Blum, Bornofshade, Draincain, 5tr4n0, Xer0x, Esra Eslen, BoogieBronson, Chris Coleman, Lorna Mills, xploit, Blessend, Fabio La Fauci, A. L. Crego, Bárbara Bezina, Laurence Fuller, Valentin Fischer, Lucas Aguirre, Eskalator.

Founded in 2021, Fakewhale advocates the digital art market's evolution. Viewing NFT technology as a container for art, and leveraging the expansive scope of digital culture, Fakewhale strives to shape a new ecosystem in which art and technology become the starting point, rather than the final destination.

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