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Rocco Gallo

Artist: Rocco Gallo - Birthplace: Mombasa, Kenya, 1991 - Living in: Rimini, Italy.

Rocco Gallo
Rocco Gallo

Rocco Gallo is a digital artist who is currently living in Rimini, Italy. He was born in 1991 in Mombasa, Kenya and grew up in a multicultural environment which has profoundly influenced his artistic work.

As an artist, Rocco’s journey has been organic and self-guided. Although he did not undergo formal training in art, his creative pursuits have been a constant presence since childhood. Over the years, he has developed a unique style, drawing inspiration from various forms of art and culture. His foray into the web3 space came about through his exploration of new technologies and platforms. The decentralized nature of web3 and blockchain technology appealed to Rocco, aligning with his democratic and inclusive artistic vision. It provided him with an opportunity to connect directly with collectors, collaborate with fellow artists, and explore new avenues for artistic expression.

Vivid colors, simplified forms, and playful imagery are hallmarks of Rocco’s art. His creations aim to capture the essence of emotions and experiences, transcending traditional artistic conventions. Through his art, Rocco portrays a world that is rich with imagination, inviting viewers to embrace their own sense of childlike wonder and curiosity. The visuality of his art serves the intent of evoking emotions and creating a sense of connection, transporting viewers to a realm where they can momentarily escape the constraints of reality and immerse themselves in the magic of their own imagination.

In challenging traditional art conventions, Rocco embraces a more intuitive and untrained approach. By deviating from formal techniques and rules, he allows his creativity to flow freely, resulting in unexpected compositions, unconventional use of colors, and a sense of childlike spontaneity. His artworks reflect his personal experiences, emotions, and the world around him. While there may not be a specific common theme, a recurring message in his work is the celebration of imagination, joy, and the importance of embracing one’s inner child. Rocco aims to remind people of the magic and wonder that exists in the simplest things, inspiring them to reconnect with their own sense of wonder, curiosity, and playfulness.

Rocco Gallo is part of the recently published curated drop “Digital Na(t)ive” on which aims to provide a vibrant platform for exploring the symbiosis between digitally crafted Naïve Art and Web3, featuring a diverse array of Digital Naïve Art. The shared values of Naïve Art and Web3 lie in their commitment to democratization, inclusivity, and individual creativity, fostering environments that defy traditional norms, encourage innovation, and establish direct, personal connections between creators and audiences. In the exhibition, you’ll encounter a wide range of mediums, backgrounds, subject matters, and visual styles to represent contemporary digital Naïve Art in its full spectrum showcasing Art that breaks free from any norms.

Read more about the drop here.

In the context of this drop I asked Rocco some short questions to learn more about his relationship with Naïve Art:

– How do you relate to Naïve Art? Have you ever considered your art to fall within this genre prior to this exhibition?

Yes, I relate to Naïve Art in many ways. The simplicity, rawness, and intuitive approach of Naïve Art resonate with me deeply. Prior to this exhibition, I did consider my art to fall within the genre of Naïve Art. The genuine and untrained nature of my work aligns with the essence of it.

– How do you respond to the term “childlike” that is often associated with Naïve Art? How does this term relate to your own work?

In my own work, I strive to capture and embody these childlike qualities. I believe that maintaining a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity allows us to view the world with fresh eyes and tap into our innate creativity. By embracing the term “childlike,” I aim to create art that resonates with people on a deep emotional level and invites them to reconnect with their own sense of wonder and imagination.

-How do you see the relationship between traditional Naïve Art and digitally crafted Naïve Art? Do you believe digital tools and platforms merely serve as an extension, or do they fundamentally expand and redefine the genre in new ways? 

The relationship between traditional Naïve Art and digitally crafted Naïve Art is an intriguing one. Digital tools and platforms not only serve as an extension but also fundamentally expand and redefine the genre in new ways. While traditional Naïve Art relies on physical mediums and techniques, digital tools allow for a different level of experimentation, exploration, and accessibility. It opens up new possibilities for artistic expression.

-Both web3 and Naïve Art seek to democratize art. Is this a concept you’ve pondered before, and if so, what are your specific thoughts on it?

The concept of democratizing art is something I have pondered deeply, and it aligns with my artistic vision. Both web3 and Naïve Art aim to break down barriers, challenge traditional hierarchies, and create more opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts. Naïve Art, with its untrained and accessible nature, already carries a sense of democratization. It allows anyone, regardless of formal artistic training, to express themselves creatively and engage with art. It encourages a broader appreciation for diverse artistic expressions and challenges the notion that art is exclusive to the elite.

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