Coldie: Art’s Contribution to Decentralization

Coldie is an American mixed media artist who masterfully fuses digital collage, 3D design, and augmented reality within his signature stereoscopic 3D art — a reflection of the disruptive technology, historical relevance, and crypto-culture ethos of our times.

Imprinting Digital Roots: The Genesis of Coldie’s Blockchain-Inspired Artistry

The genesis of Coldie’s creative journey can be traced back to his youthful encounters with “Paint” on his grandfather’s Macintosh computer — a fascination that would soon evolve into a profound interest in graphic design, ultimately leading him to pursue a degree in graphic design.

But in order to fully understand his passion for digital art, one must go back to when he was in grade school in the 90s, back to when his passion for art was ignited through the pages of “Art Explosion” — an iconic clip art book containing over 100,000 illustrations.

Then fast forward a few more years to when he achieved a BFA from Cal Poly Pomona; an experience, which opened the doors to his first design job at L.A. Weekly, a time during which he became increasingly fond of stereoscopic 3D depth illusions.

2017 represented the turning point for Coldie. In this period he came across the cryptoart community for the very first time, inspiring his long-term vision to create historical and cultural blockchain driven art, which led to the iconic “Decentral Eyes” series.

On July 24th, 2018, he minted his first artwork “Decentral Eyes – Vitalik Buterin – Variant”, opening up a new avenue for exploring and integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency themes within his artwork.

Since then, he has had his stereoscopic 3D art featured at a number of juried art exhibitions, cryptocurrency events, and live auctions worldwide

Colliding Worlds: Coldie ‘s Fusion of Disruption, Innovation, and Digital Mediums

Coldie’s artistic pursuit is fueled by an inherent need to innovate and disrupt, constantly inspired by his fascination and understanding of the evolving digital space. This is reflected in his choice of subjects and themes, ranging from the exploration of societal structures as depicted in “Filthy Fiat”, to the powerful visual narratives of the blockchain industry’s influential figures in his “Decentral Eyes” series.

Decentral Eyes” is in fact the most accurate representation of this disruptive industry yet, as can be observed in “Decentral Eyes – Vitalik Buterin – Variant 02”, a 3D animated GIF variant artwork created with over 10 images to bring to life a decentralized portrait.

Similarly, the essence of Bitcoin transpires through the piece “Proof of Work – Variant 02 – Yellow”, where Coldie’s passion for gold mining history and blockchain collide harmoniously.

“Hard work is not easy, but it opens the possibility for great rewards.”

Today, Coldie’s most used medium is digital art due to its high accessibility, however, his biggest passion remains 3D stereoscopics as it allows him to bring to life the ultimate rotating perspective.

Coldie’s creative process evolves as he is creating. With his trademark style, Coldie dabbles in a variety of mediums as well as mixing physical and digital collage, culminating in multi-layered compositions that entice the viewer to truly take a moment to observe and explore them thoroughly.


Embracing A Fluid Reality: Coldie’s Creative Manifesto

Coldie’s unwavering commitment to his craft and constant exploration of new techniques and themes have cemented his position as a major force in the crypto art scene, his work standing as an embodiment of the limitless potential that unfolds when digital arts intertwine with the fabric of blockchain technology To Coldie, reality is fluid, and stresses how one should create the world they want to live in and experience it to the greatest extent.

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