FW Radar: 11 Digital Artists to Keep an Eye On

Introducing FW Radar, a new segment by Fakewhale that spotlights digital artists everyone should keep an eye on.

Since its foundation in 2021, Fakewhale has actively been fostering a rich dialogue around digital culture. Extending this dialogue, FW Radar emerges with a curated lens to ensure these artists, who are at the forefront of art and blockchain technology, remain visible and acknowledged for their contributions to the digital art ecosystem.

Only by continuing to foster a deeper discourse around digital art can we elucidate its value within and beyond the digital art ecosystem — this initiative is yet another step towards a greater comprehension and appreciation of digital art, inviting a diverse community to engage, reflect, and explore the boundless creative potential that the digital medium unfolds.

The following artists represent a contemporary cohort of creators, seamlessly leveraging NFT technology to fully realize this potential.

11 Digital Artists to Keep on Your Radar


Grounded in traditional painting techniques, Danilo Xhema, known as danctrl, accentuates simplicity and conceptual clarity in his digital works. His adept use of gradient tools showcases a seamless blend of traditional and digital artistry, offering a fresh perspective on the convergence of old and new artistic mediums.

Birds - danctrl


Operating under the pseudonym Eto, Etozheques stands at the crossroads of technology and creativity, crafting a harmonious nexus between the tangible and the virtual through his art. His AI-driven approach showcases a blend of technical prowess and artistic imagination, exploring new frontiers in the NFT ecosystem, and propelling the dialogue between the virtual and the real.

Ahome is where the heart is - etozheques


Born in Çanakkale and currently immersed within academic explorations at Anadolu University’s Sculpture Department, Formless’s artistry explores the emotive yet sensual aspects of form. His unique approach uncovers the emotional and erotic subtext of the seemingly formless, offering a nuanced examination of form and absence thereof, ultimately inviting a deeper contemplation on the notions of presence and void in art.

Deli club - formless


Graphica’s art is a masterful fusion of uncanny ideas and whimsical daydreams, converting mundane moments into visually enthralling artworks. His keen eye for the ordinary and a knack for instilling imperfections make his creations a compelling journey from the mundane to the extraordinary, adding a unique flavor to the digital art spectrum.

Blasphemy - Graphica

Iñigo Bilbao

Iñigo Bilbao is a revered Spanish digital artist who delicately navigates the convergence of the physical and digital spheres through the lens of avant-garde technology. His palette predominantly features 3D printing, 3D scanning, and photogrammetry. As his journey unfolds, his innovative oeuvre has seized international recognition, taking center stage in prestigious exhibitions worldwide.

The Donor - Iñigo Bilbao


Through the use of digital painting and other innovative technologies, Introvoid scrutinizes the human condition in the digital era. His work, inspired by post-internet art and expressive painters, mirrors the ever-present influence of digital imagery on our lives, exploring the intriguing interplay between reality and digital illusion, enriching the discourse around digital art’s impact on society.

Simulacra Infinitum - Introvoid


Karisma’s art emanates pure energy, articulating emotions like love, solitude, and fury with a resonance that connects with audiences profoundly. His spontaneous and unfettered creative process allows for a rich interpretation of artistic expression, which has helped him forge a thriving career punctuated by multiple awards. His recent venture into the NFT ecosystem has not only garnered notable recognition but has also expanded the horizons of his artistic endeavors, propelling him further into the spotlight.

flowers - Karisma

Negar Sepehr

Negar is an Iranian visual artist working across various mediums. Starting her artistic journey in 2012 with oil painting, she has been a strong advocate for women’s and LGBTQ rights. Negar stepped into the world of NFTs in 2021, digitizing her physical paintings. In 2022, she began using AI to create her “Portrait of Life” collection, a series that celebrates the beauty of everyday life moments and their collective significance in shaping our lives.

"Niksen" - Negar Sepehr

Olga Fedorova

Based in Brussels, Olga Fedorova has carved a name for herself with her dynamic exhibitions, represented by Annka Kultys Gallery since 2017. Her showcase at Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, adds to a robust portfolio that spans across various prestigious European venues, encapsulating her adeptness in transforming visual ideas into captivating art pieces, enriching the digital art narrative.

BROKEN HORSE - Olga Fedorova


Italian digital artist RedruM harnesses artificial intelligence to breathe life into his creations, followed by meticulous refinement using design software. With a background deeply rooted in contemporary art collection, his digital artistry journey commenced in 2022, leading to the creation of surreal characters and narratives inspired by an array of sources including films, literature, and everyday life. His artworks, appreciated globally, serve as a bridge, transcending language barriers and fostering a universal appreciation for narrative-rich digital art.

RED Valentine #30 - Redrum

Vidal Herrera

Navigating through abstraction, surrealism, and automatism, Vidal Herrera’s art is a spontaneous dive into unseen sensations and subjective realities. Each piece serves as a conduit into his introspective journey, unraveling a reality laden with profound existential nuances, ultimately offering a distinctive lens through which to perceive the abstract.

Indefinite Dimension or Invitation for a Dark Sleep - Vidal Herrera

Creative Coordinates: The FW Radar Way Forward

The diverse array of artistic narratives showcased in this inaugural edition of FW Radar highlight the breadth and depth of the digital art ecosystem.


Today’s profiles are just a glimpse into the expansive creativity of these artists. We encourage you to explore their works further, delve into the narratives they offer, and keep an eye out for the next edition of FW Radar, where we will continue to spotlight the innovative artists shaping the digital art ecosystem.

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