Fakewhale Cross Weekly Art Market II

On Wednesday, March 15th, Fakewhale Cross presented its Weekly Art Market II curated release featuring Resatio, Fakito, coupofgrace, freshpaint and basaia de la creme.

An Overview of the Artists and Their Works:


A self-taught artist from Bandung – Indonesia, Resatio explores the unconscious mind and its interplay with an “ordered chaos” aesthetic highlighted by the decontextualization of elements in “Digital Oddity”.


By creating dark, introspective 3D artworks, Argentine artist Fakito tackles topics that can be challenging to process, as in this particular piece, “UNA GUERRA ENTRE SUEÑOS”, where the viewer is encouraged to take the uncertain, yet necessary path to self-discovery.


An artist born in Mexico City, coupofgrace explores the human condition and movement by experimenting with digital mediums, with “Portal to Hell” evoking the feeling of falling into the abyss and light, finally letting go.


Jeffrey Seaberg aka freshpaint explores the intersection of physical, digital, and AI mediums within a thought-provoking art practice that examines the consciousness and ever-evolving relationship between humanity and technology, the essence of “Inversion”.

basaia de la creme

A digital artist from Argentina, basaia creates captivating works in the style of oil on canvas, using mostly Photoshop intertwined with elements of pop culture, hip hop, streetwear and sports to create abstract and figurative representations displayed in “the style chico”.

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