Tezos Posse on NiftyGateway.

Fakewhale Cross presents the First Volume of Tezos Posse | Nifty Gateway

On November 8th, 2022, Fakewhale Cross presented the first volume of Tezos Posse on Nifty Gateway with a legendary drop.

The digital underground goes multichain. Driven by the shared vision of cross-medium experimentation, Tezos Posse debuts on Nifty Gateway to bring together the most influential artists of the Tezos scene, in the name of cultural legacy.

This drop featured the works of A. L. CregoLe Chat N0ir, Bahrull MartaChepertomEsra Eslen and Woc.

Founded in 2021, Fakewhale advocates the digital art market's evolution. Viewing NFT technology as a container for art, and leveraging the expansive scope of digital culture, Fakewhale strives to shape a new ecosystem in which art and technology become the starting point, rather than the final destination.

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