In conversation with ROBNESS

During this episode of Fakewhale Live, Jesse Draxler and Robness discuss a wide range of topics.

From their first meeting at Nue House during Freeze Art Fair where they were both speaking on a panel, to sharing more about Robness’ story: Robness shares his background in music and how it has dominated his life — In particular, he discusses his journey as a guitarist, bass player, and DJ, but also talks about his past experience living in a lockout space called Groove Works in Torrance, LA and how his love for music started.

In the second part of the conversation, Jesse brings up a tweet by Robness that talked about listening to music while driving through the streets of Hollywood, asking Robness to share more about his relationship with music — to this point, Robness explains how his life has always revolved around music and how it has been his primary focus, with a mention to how he got into art on the blockchain and how he has been a part of the counterparty protocol since its early days.

Last but not least, they dive into more details about how music has influenced his journey as a digital artist, as well as how he continues to innovate and create. 

Jesse Draxler is an LA-based artist working in mixed media and digital formats to create deconstructed, distorted images.

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