Inside WUF Basel 2024: A Premier Press-Only Event for Contemporary Creative Culture

Every year, Basel becomes the focal point for the world’s leading journalists and art enthusiasts, eager to engage with the latest innovations in art, creativity, and technology. This June, WUF (We Understand the Future) is set to elevate this dynamic atmosphere with an exclusive event designed specifically for the press.

In the fast-evolving art landscape, WUF stands at the vanguard, spotlighting new voices, pioneering projects, and cutting-edge trends. The philosophy behind “We Understand the Future” being the driving force of the event.

WUF is a collaborative media platform that connects premier media outlets with authentic creative discovery and understanding.

On June 11-12, WUF will host an invite-only event for the press at Bar Rouge, Messepl. 10 Basel, in collaboration with media partners ArtsLife and laLettura of Corriere della Sera. An event that will serve as a premier resource for leading media outlets to access a carefully curated selection of projects, spotlighting top artists, curators, creators, and trends from around the globe.

WUF’s journey begins in Basel but extends far beyond, bound to present other press-only events at renowned cultural hotspots worldwide — invite-only gatherings that offer an intimate setting for top-tier press and media to connect directly with industry leaders from various creative sectors, ensuring a global reach and continuous engagement with the most innovative minds in contemporary creative culture.

The WUF Press Showcase Format

The WUF Press Showcase reimagines traditional exhibition models. Unlike conventional exhibitions that can be overwhelming with their expansive layouts and lengthy durations, the Press Showcase features multiple artists and their projects in concise, impactful segments. These segments are displayed on screens set against Basel’s stunning skyline, providing a visually striking backdrop that enhances the viewing experience — each segment designed for maximum impact, allowing the networking and press activities to take place surrounded by a rotation of this selection of premium contents.

To enrich the Press Showcase experience, WUF incorporates live interviews and on-site activities. These interactive elements add depth and dynamism to the event, allowing for real-time engagement between artists, and the media. The internal WUF team has curated an exciting lineup featuring artists and institutions like Andrea Bonaceto, Skygolpe, Jesse Draxler, Nazareno Biondo, Max Papeschi, Mino Caggiula, Giuseppe Moscatello, Paul Sears, Gammatrace, Fosco Valentini, Woc, Fabio Giampietro, la Lettura and Politecnico di Milano.

Collaboration is at the heart of WUF’s philosophy. As curatorial partners of the event, Fakewhale will present a series of showcases featuring artists like Leander Herzog, Ana Maria Caballero, and Joe Pease. One of the highlights is the P1xelfool showcase, unveiling a special collection soon to be released in collaboration with as well as a collective display which includes a list of extraordinary contemporary artists including Léo Fourdrinier, Nicolás Lamas, Mit Borras, Christian Holze, Huber Huber, Manor Grünewald, Julien Quentel, Erris Huigens, Lolo y Sosaku, Hanna Antonsson Hermes, Lea de Cacqueray, Alice Gong Xiaowen and Emmanuel Van der Auwera.

Highlighting the event’s global scope, WUF will also feature special press showcases curated by Foundry Downtown Dubai and its director, Giuseppe Moscatello. As official curatorial partners of WUF, they bring unique perspectives that delve into the authentic fabric of contemporary creative culture, offering fresh insights and narratives to the attending press.

WUF Magazine: The Extension of The WUF Experience

WUF Magazine is the extension of the WUF experience, a phygital collaborative media that serves as a conduit for editors and journalists, aiming to catch and unravel the artistic projects emerging of both established and emerging profiles from the underground that are set to redefine contemporary creative culture.

Key Features of WUF Magazine:

Event Access: Owning a copy of the physical version of the WUF Magazine grants exclusive access to WUF’s press-only events worldwide. Each issue includes a unique QR code that readers can scan to unlock their personal WUF pass.

Curated Selection: The magazine offers a meticulously curated selection of the most innovative trends and significant developments in contemporary creative culture. 

Digital Integration: Beyond its physical form, WUF Magazine extends into the digital realm through an app available for iOS and Android. Each issue of the WUF Magazine also  includes QR codes per each project and artist highlighted, so that readers can scan to unlock additional content and insights.

Press-Only Party with Hunter/Game DJ Set

As the day progresses, Bar Rouge will transition into a more relaxed ambiance with an exclusive stand-up dinner reception and a party on the evening of June 11th featuring an exclusive live dj set by the electronic music duo Hunter/Game.

While the music sets the mood, press showcases will continue throughout the evening, offering attendees a blend of art, interaction, and entertainment.

If you are a member of the press, please visit WUF’s website for RSVP details.

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