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Artist: graphica.png

graphica.png is an artist who delves into the realm of AI-assisted Art and its harnesses glitches to their maximum potential. With a unique blend of naive charm and an exploration of digital tools, his work creates a distinct artistic expression that branches off into its own realm. 

His journey as an artist is a culmination of self-learning and exposure to various art schools. Embracing the web3 space was a pivotal moment sparked by a connection with a fellow artist, leading him on a path of creative exploration. His art is characterized by neo digital impressionism infused with minimal glitches and a touch of playful uniqueness. The visuality of his artwork serves as a reflection, a digestion of ideas, dreams, and real-life experiences, masterfully brought to life with bold or delicate aesthetics to maximize impact. 

Challenging traditional art conventions, graphica.png embraces the technicality and traditions of art while bending and playing around with them. The alteration and deformation of visuals take center stage, creating a vision that captures attention and sparks intrigue. Subject matters for his artwork are inspired by personal experiences, dreams, and ideas. Sometimes, a visual image or an AI-generated piece strikes a question, triggering a search for answers and further exploration. 

Graphica.png with his piece “Fear and Laughing” is part of the curated drop “Digital Na(t)ive” on which aims to provide a vibrant platform for exploring the symbiosis between digitally crafted Naïve Art and Web3, featuring a diverse array of Digital Naïve Art. The shared values of Naïve Art and Web3 lie in their commitment to democratization, inclusivity, and individual creativity, fostering environments that defy traditional norms, encourage innovation, and establish direct, personal connections between creators and audiences. 

In the exhibition, you’ll encounter a wide range of mediums, backgrounds, subject matters, and visual styles to represent contemporary digital Naïve Art in its full spectrum showcasing Art that breaks free from any norms. 

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In the context of this drop I asked graphica.png some short questions to learn more about him. Check them out:

How do you relate to Naïve Art? Have you ever considered your art to fall within this genre prior to this exhibition?

I feel like I’m a special naïve cheeseburger little man making hopeful art to pursue my inner dreams, the art fit well with the genre but also branches off to its own thing.

What do you believe characterizes your art? How would you portray it?

Neo digital impressionism with a minimal glitch and a touch of cheese (blue mold cheese haha)

Can you walk us through your creative process, from conception to completion? How do you approach creating a new piece of artwork, and how do you know when it’s finished?

1. Idea/experience/memory

2. Rough collage/scribble/sketch, looking for context to read or see

3. Search for visuals and details, digest the rough visuals, look for parts of the collage

4. Create the piece, playing around with placing objects and rethinking details if needed

5. Finish the piece and see the result. If not satisfied, go back to step 1

How do you respond to the term “childlike” that is often associated with Naïve Art? How does this term relate to your own work?

I’m the “child” in childlike and the art is a “like “! For me it’s about the purity or an attempt to be so. But to be honest it’s just a play of words, don’t see or bother to react to even intended negativity (the parallel about the lack of technicality) in the word/term.

How do you see the relationship between traditional Naïve Art and digitally crafted Naïve Art? Do you believe digital tools and platforms merely serve as an extension, or do they fundamentally expand and redefine the genre in new ways? 

I feel the mere imitation or impression of creating a digital replica of a mark and stroke is a fundamental goal and core in my work. But also, you have to be conscious of your digital tool and adapt the principles to make new and current.

Both Web3 and Naïve Art seek to democratize art. Is this a concept you’ve pondered before, and if so, what are your specific thoughts on it?

Ah I dislike the term; I would say it rather deconstructs the typical formula of the “good art”. Like many things connected to naïve art it breaks the norm and may cause dissonance to a regular viewer, who is not ready to be stroke by the boldness or purity of perception and often the message.

What does Web3 mean to you personally as an artist? How has Web3 affected your evolution as an artist or your general perspective on art?

The ease of connection and the hardness of it at the same time. It’s very easy to make friends but at the same time the evil follows the coin! 

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