Introducing Fakewhale Gallery: Exclusive Collaboration with

On the occasion of the forthcoming feature, Objkt Galleries, set to launch on February 7th, Fakewhale is honored to exclusively unveil the tool with an inaugural release in its gallery featuring a select lineup of artists part of the new ART MARKET movement.

Artwork by Ganchitecture

A New Chapter: Paving the Way to Fakewhale ART MARKET

Tracing back to January 2021, Fakewhale was established with the creation of the Fakewhale Vault, its permanent on-chain collection that epitomizes its foundational beliefs.

This permanent collection was conceived with the singular purpose of capturing a precise snapshot of a pivotal moment in digital art history, spotlighting the most influential creators of our time, and notably, offering no artworks for sale.

Addressing the vital need for comprehensive information about contemporary art and digital artists, Fakewhale has since then solidified its position in documenting such a critical juncture in digital art history. It has since then evolved, reflecting its all-encompassing approach and direction, notably through the launch of its first cross-chain digital gallery in 2022, FW CROSS, and the subsequent launch of its media platform in 2023 — an all-inclusive media platform that encompasses expert insights, curation, and market activities from the contemporary art and digital art scene.

In this continuum of innovation, Fakewhale now embarks on its newest chapter with the new Fakewhale ART MARKET, powered by Objkt Galleries, positioning Fakewhale as the first to unlock the potential of this tool.

OO by Iñigo Bilbao

What is Fakewhale ART MARKET?

At its core, the Fakewhale ART MARKET is a manifestation of Fakewhale’s enduring commitment to blending artistic talent with technological innovation in an effort to bridge the gap between physical and digital art markets.

Developed from a foundation of thorough research into the evolving trends of the digital market and deeply rooted in the principles of the web3 ecosystem, the ART MARKET is an ongoing, on-chain exhibition designed to showcase a diverse array of artworks: its uniqueness lies in the way it creates an inclusive space where both established and emerging artists can interact and resonate with a broader art community.

Transcending the traditional scope of art exhibitions, the Fakewhale ART MARKET is conceived as a multidimensional platform. It transcends the mere display of artworks, aiming instead to cultivate a dynamic and interactive ecosystem, using the expansiveness of social media and the internet as a large gallery for appreciating and engaging with art — thereby creating a space for profound aesthetic and cultural discourse.

Significantly, the ART MARKET will be the inaugural exhibition within the Fakewhale Gallery. It represents a bold step in bringing together a wide range of artistic expressions and narratives.

The artists part of the new ART MARKET movement include uczine, Gary Edward Blum, Ilya Shkipin, Kitasavi, hAyDiRoKeT, woc, Von Doyle, Laurence Fuller, Scorpion Dagger, Iñigo Bilbao, danctrl, MAX CAPACITY, resatio, basaia de la creme, Bahrull Marta, Sonia Pérez, rmtrl, formless, Luca, Viola Rama, Somfay, Anna Malina, Backwards Geometry, Tony Wallstrøm, Danielle LaPlante, Luciana Guerra, Naturlichturism, Chepertom, fruttaeverdura, Kazuhiro Aihara, Negar Sepehr, Lilyillo, Vidal Herrera, Serezha Galkin, Olga Federova, images_sombres, Ezekiel, Yuri_jjjj, Michelle Thompson, pale kirill, etozheques, RedruM, 0009.eth, LifeWithArt, Rocco Gallo, Karisma, davidhenrynobodyjr, Jan Hakon Erichsen, Marco Bonafè, Eskalator, neurocolor, Manfredi Caracciolo, CHEF GLITCH, White Solitude, Alex Dronov, Sasha Barbolin, gønz, DDO__, Gammatrace, Ceren Su, Mikey Dé La Creme, Ganchitecture & Dani Leoni.

Thoughts about nothing by Ilya Shkipin

Fakewhale Gallery: Features & User Experience

Fakewhale Gallery, leveraging the capabilities of Objkt Galleries, offers distinct features designed to meet the unique needs of artists and collectors in the digital art space.

It’s variety of features, including customizable gallery spaces, comprehensive statistics, collaborative curation, and diverse minting options, create an environment that enhances visibility for artists as well as a diverse, engaging, and insightful art acquisition experience for collectors:

  • Customizable Gallery Pages: The platform provides dedicated gallery pages with extensive options for customization. This allows for the creation of unique and engaging digital spaces that reflect the aesthetic and thematic essence of the ongoing exhibitions.
  • Comprehensive Gallery Statistics: Users have access to gallery-wide statistics, offering insights into exhibition performance, audience engagement, and market trends.
  • Unlimited FA2 Contracts: The support for an unlimited number of FA2 contracts, with the option for these contracts to be shared between galleries, provides unparalleled flexibility and scope in showcasing a diverse range of artworks.
  • Engaging Exhibition Creation: customizable exhibition pages that provide rich context and content and enhance each exhibition’s storytelling and thematic depth.
  • Collaborative Curation System: A flexible permission system facilitates collaboration with both internal and external curators — this includes the ability to create curator mandates with specific fee structures and on specific contracts, enhancing the curatorial process and exhibition quality.
  • Diverse Minting Options: Fakewhale Gallery offers a wide range of minting options, including unique 1/1s, limited editions, open editions, and generative art – coming soon.
  • Invitations for Token Listings: users have the option of listing tokens for sale as part of exhibitions, which increases visibility and facilitates sales, connecting artworks with potential buyers in a curated context.

In anticipation of the full unveiling of Objkt Galleries and this release, the potential impact on the market is substantial. This development challenges the traditional narratives and common misconceptions in the digital art world, offering a refreshing and insightful perspective. It marks a fundamental shift in the paradigm of digital art — how it’s curated, how audiences experience it, and, importantly, how it’s valued.

For the latest updates and details leading up to this groundbreaking release, follow the official X profiles of Fakewhale and

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