Blockchain As A New Medium For Art

The symbiotic relationship between artistic ingenuity and technological advancements is continually pushing the boundaries of creative expression. At the vanguard of this intersection stands the “Proof of X” —a nuanced exploration into the realms of NFTs and blockchain technology that took place in June 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring a diverse assembly of Japanese and international artists including 0xDEAFBEEF, Jan Robert Leegte, Masaki Fujihata, Pindar Van Arman, Rhea Myers, and 0xhaiku, this exhibition serves as a portal to the intricate interplay of innovation and artistic vision, fostering a discourse that transcends conventional definitions.

DEAFBEEF, Cave, 2022. Installation shot. Image courtesy of Proof of X.

At the heart of this dynamic initiative is Takase Toshi, the director of the Japan Generative Art Foundation and one of the artists showcased in the show. Takase sat down with me to share his perspective on the genesis, transformation, and impact of this exhibition series, shedding light on its evolution and engagement with the ever-shifting terrain of NFT art.

The inaugural edition of “Proof of X” was a collaborative venture conceived by artists and critics within the Japanese media art sphere. The driving force behind this endeavor was to elevate NFTs from their status as commodities and investments, positioning them instead as vehicles for New Media Art. At the time, Japan’s artistic landscape had yet to fully embrace NFTs, particularly in their capacity as novel mediums of creative expression.

Takase Toshi, PlayTrain, 2023. Installation shot. Image courtesy of Proof of X.

Takase-san notes, “NFTs with a traditional art focus were not widely recognized in Japan.” This recognition gap propelled media artists to unite, addressing the question of how to integrate NFT technology into the realm of art. Their collaboration became an avenue for innovative exploration, challenging norms, and envisioning NFTs as instruments for artistic evolution.


This emergence occurred against the backdrop of the “crypto winter,” a period characterized by volatile shifts in the NFT market. In response, the “Proof of X” series embarked on a pivotal shift, transitioning its focus to the underlying technology of NFTs—blockchain. Takase-san emphasizes that this shift aimed to present art’s potential over a prolonged timeline, decoupling it from the ebb and flow of market fluctuations.

EXCALIBUR, NEW VOID, 2023. Installation shot. Image courtesy of Proof of X.

The thematic pivot for the subsequent iteration— “Blockchain As A New Medium For Art” — beckoned artists worldwide to engage with the philosophical underpinnings, potential, and constraints of blockchain technology. This shift in emphasis not only resonated with the art community but also resonated beyond, expanding the understanding of blockchain’s capacity beyond its association with cryptocurrency.


Through this exhibition, Takase-san underscores, “we believe not only were we able to prove how various art forms are made possible by blockchain technology, but were also able to demonstrate the potential of using the new technologies for art.” This perspective encapsulates the exhibition’s intent: to manifest the symbiosis of creativity and innovation, reshaping artistic frontiers and redefining the narrative of digital art.

ALTERNATIVE MACHINE, SNOWCRASH, 2021. . Installation shot. Image courtesy of Proof of X.

The selection of artists and artworks for the exhibition was governed by a careful and deliberate process. Takase details, “the committee members began by brainstorming ideas, and for the final selection, members conducted voting.” This decentralized approach was in harmony with the tenets of blockchain—a model for transparent collaboration. Artworks chosen echoed the exhibition’s focus on production methods and concept-driven pieces, with an emphasis on smart contract and on-chain art. Open-call submissions of generative art pieces and live minting sessions further contributed to the exhibition’s diverse and inclusive character.


Proof of X” expanded its horizon beyond artworks, hosting daily panel talks in Tokyo that fostered dialogues among artists, experts, and enthusiasts. This dynamic platform nourished an environment of exploration, encouraging participants to reflect on the intersection of technology and artistic expression. Takase-san concludes, “The exhibition included panel talks almost daily, a Proof of Visit free mint for visitors, a pamphlet with artwork explanations and critiques, and many other achievements brought about by various volunteers.” This holistic approach transformed the exhibition into an intellectual hub, bridging the gap between the conceptual and the tangible, and enriching the experience through a decentralized operational structure and what’s still needed for many uninformed – educational context.


The “Proof of X” exhibition series emerges as a paradigm of innovation and collaboration. Under the curatorship of the collective committee, including the likes of Shunsuke Takawo, the exhibition navigates the nuanced realm of NFTs and blockchain, reshaping artistic dialogue and redefining the boundaries of creative expression. As the art world continues its exploration of the digital frontier, “Proof of X” stands as a beacon—a testament to the harmony that can be struck between technology and art, reimagining the very essence of human creativity.

Creative Director at and Assistant Professor at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. Her research on creativity and human-computer interaction has been published by Cambridge University Press, Design Research Society and TIME Magazine.

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