Manuel Fois: Bridging the Auditory and Visual Aesthetics

As an Italian artist deeply engaged with the synthesis of sensory experiences, Manuel Fois thrives at the rich intersection of sound and sight, with every work unearthing new dimensions in a perceptual space where auditory and visual elements intersect, interweave, and resonate, to create a mesmerizing symphony of sensory interplay.

Sound Meets Sight: The Genesis of Manuel Fois’ Artistic Vision

Born in Italy, at the age of 21, Manuel Fois moved to London where he shaped his artistic style within its vibrant, innovative surroundings: during this time, he immersed himself in the bustling ethos of the city, which allowed him to materialize his long-held artistic ambition, the digital translation of sounds.

His artistic journey has been a compelling exploration of code manipulation’s transformative power. Throughout his career, he has transitioned seamlessly from one medium to another, all while nurturing a desire to translate his digital work into something tangible and physically resonant — it’s within this duality of the digital and physical realms that Manuel Fois’ artistic spirit finds its maximum expression. 

Transcending the Sonic: Visualizing Audio in Manuel Fois’ Unique Art Form

Manuel Fois’ art investigates the intricate relationship between virtual and physical images, in addition to navigating the complex dynamics of language transmigration. Rooted firmly in the present – an era where technology exerts a strong influence on everyday events – his artistic research focuses on lengthy audio recordings captured using commonplace devices including microphones, smartphones, and voice assistants.

As a result, his creative process involves the meticulous selection of shorter audio tracks from these extensive sessions before introducing them into a conversion software. From this point, the software translates these auditory spectrums into graphic visuals, forming the bedrock of his two-dimensional work.

In their final form, these images are reproduced using the silkscreen process on mirrored surfaces and black glass plates, which are a visual translation of the original audio file, embodying the concept of transposition from one language to another.

My work today offers many alternatives, but the digital matrix, the cornerstone of my craft, has remained constant” says Manuel Fois.

This consistency in his digital approach has been a definitive attribute of his art, allowing him to bridge the divide between the auditory and visual in an innovative, thought-provoking way.

The Fakewhale Vault houses Manuel Fois’ genesis piece, “REMODEL“. This unique piece is a 3D sculpture created from sound file AUD_446739, a testament to his inventive approach to transforming sound into visual form and embodying his distinctive artistic methodology. 

Beyond the Conventional: Manuel Fois’ Quest for Sensory Connection

This artistic journey, originating from rudimentary code manipulation, has blossomed into a bold pursuit of transforming the ethereal – sound – into tangible, visual expressions.

Manuel Fois’ work is not simply an endeavor to create visually arresting art – it embodies a complex process of translation, aiming to fuse the auditory and visual domains — a synthesis shaping a unique narrative that soars beyond traditional artistic limits, redefining our understanding of sensory experiences and their interpretation in the broader creative landscape.

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