In conversation with Jesse Draxler

In this episode of FakeWhale Live, Jesse Draxler engages in a thoughtful conversation with host diewiththemostlikes.

Covering an array of subjects, the discourse provides a window into Jesse Draxler’s perspective on the contemporary interplay between art, technology, and community.

In the conversation, Jesse Draxler discusses the importance of recognizing patterns in creativity as well as the value of self-sovereignty within web3. In particular, he describes how he has recently reconnected with physical art as well as why he did so, even in the digitally-inclined web3 era. He also explores his frustrations with the engagement-demanding nature of social media and emphasizes the necessity for change and education in the industry.

A particularly enlightening moment in the conversation arrives when Jesse Draxler shares the creative journey behind some of his unique sculptures, discussing the origins of these pieces and how he believes artists tap into the earth’s energy flow.

Finally, they touch on the topic of his upcoming solo show curated by Fakewhale: a dynamic showcase of his most recent works, including live music, and projections. 

Absurdist exploration into our agreeable descent to madness.

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