In conversation with Coldie

In this episode of Fakewhale Live, diewiththemostlikes has a chat with American visual artist Coldie, exploring the origins of his creative process and unique style.

Coldie begins the conversation by citing his love of stereoscopics and view mastercards as sources of his creative inspiration, recalling being transported into different worlds by the still frames of the view master and wanting to bring the same sense of otherworldly magic to his own creations.

In particular, he goes on to mention how his love for art and desire to create something unique ultimately led him to experiment with stereoscopic techniques, and explains that his art-making process often starts with problem-solving and imagining what isn’t there.

As part of the conversation, Coldie shares a personal story from a time he was living in downtown Los Angeles and envisioned UFOs flying over it: from that moment, he had to find a way to make a UFO without actually having one to bring his vision to life, so he turned a picture of a vinyl record into the UFO. 

An experience, that was a turning point for Coldie from that day on, marking the first time he had ever made art just for himself. 

Absurdist exploration into our agreeable descent to madness.

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