Visual Detachment: SuperRare Guest Curated Exhibition Series #7

On November 28th, 2022, Jesse Draxler curated “Visual Detachment: Retina Misconceptions allow Boundless Medium” as part of SuperRare’s “Guest Curated Exhibition Series, Issue 7” powered by Fakewhale through the IRL showcase of the collection hosted at the Valuart gallery (Lugano-Paradiso)

The Theme: Retina Misconceptions and Boundless Mediums

The central theme of “Visual Detachment” revolved around the concept of ‘Retina Misconceptions.‘ This notion plays on the idea that our visual perceptions are often limited by our experiences and biases.

By presenting artworks that defy these limitations, the exhibition aimed to broaden the viewer’s understanding and appreciation of art, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally considered aesthetically pleasing or artistically significant.

This theme was explored through a diverse array of artworks, each exemplifying the limitless conceptual possibilities of the visual medium. The artists featured in the exhibition brought with them a variety of practices, ranging from classical approaches to avant-garde digital techniques.

This diversity underscored the exhibition’s message: the visual medium is not confined to any single tradition or technology but is instead a vast expanse of potential waiting to be explored.

Among the artists included were: XCOPY, Kevin Abosch, Lucas Aguirre, Andrea Chiampo, Nikita Diakur, Jesse Draxler, Skygolpe, Jake Fried, Operator, Joe Pease, Iness Rychlik and Tjo

“We detach from ourselves, our biases, and preconceived notions of what is and isn’t through engagement, interaction, and immersion. Entering the crypto art space requires this willingness to step further than our current comforts and preferences in order to gaze into the potentiality of the future. This curation represents a spectrum of artists and practices that exemplifies the diverse & limitless conceptual possibilities of the visual medium stretching from the traditional landscape into web3 and beyond.”
Jesse Draxler

“God is typing…” by XCOPY

“That Girl Who Changed Her Name” by Kevin Abosch

“Una inestabilidad constructiva (II)” by Lucas Aguirre

“PEREGRINUS” by Andrea Chiampo

“Rave” by Nikita Diakur

“Behind The Mask, Another Mask” by Jesse Draxler

“Paper Trail” by Jake Fried

“Open The Floodgates” by Joe Pease

“Caution” by Iness Rychlik

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