In conversation with Iskra Velitchkova

In this episode of Fakewhale Live, host Jesse Draxler chats with digital artist Iskra Velitchkova

about her experience in the financial and data visualization industries, and how it led her to study algorithms and their impact on society, and ultimately, inspire her creative process.

Iskra Velitchkova begins talking about her work with technology and how she uses it to explore the relationship between nature and technology, to then explain how she began with generative art, and how playing with algorithms can create something that is both organic and real.

In particular, she discusses how her preference for simplicity in art reflects her personality.

Lastly, Iskra discusses her passion for art and creativity, and how it has always been a part of her self-identity, along with insight into her upcoming project “Bright Moments” and thoughts on cryptocurrency and generative art. 

Jesse Draxler is an LA-based artist working in mixed media and digital formats to create deconstructed, distorted images.

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