In conversation with diewiththemostlikes

In this episode of Fakewhale Live Jesse Draxler and diewiththemostlikes

wrap up 2022, discussing the challenges but most importantly the rewards of being an artist in today’s world, the importance of community and the process of creating art with reference to the technology involved within their upcoming projects.

When it comes to process, a special emphasis is placed on how digital and physical art combine, detailing the process of creating the art in Procreate and transferring it to acrylics, as well as how QR codes can be used to link to the digital version of the artwork.

Within the conversation both Jesse and Die also take a moment to express their frustration with traditional art and how it has not fulfilled them as they had hoped, turning to how the digital art realm has supported them in fulfilling their artistic potential. 

Absurdist exploration into our agreeable descent to madness.

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