FW LOG: Editorial Feed No. 003

The FW Editorial Feed No. 003 meticulously explores the dynamic interplay of diverse expression and collective creativity: from Memeology, to MOCA’s recent fundraiser, to Lance Weiler’s recent immersive installation at ArtYard, “Where There’s Smoke”, and FW ROOMS’ latest publications by Somewhere Art & Nighttimestory. But also our latest Fakewhale Vault Spotlight, featuring the works of ROBNESS, Nicolas Sassoon and Sutu.

The essence of human expression has evolved from primitive etchings to sophisticated digital creations. Regardless, the impetus remains—to share ideas, cultivate community, and establish shared understanding and collective experience.

For the third FW Editorial Cover, the spotlight falls on a universally resonant phenomenon: memes.

Emerging from the profound insights of Richard Dawkins in 1976, memes have gradually metamorphosed into dynamic carriers of our collective conscience and powerful reflectors of societal discourse.

In today’s interconnected world, memes are more than fleeting humorous remarks. They’ve become
integral elements in digital conversations and community-building — like Rare Pepe — mirroring our collective experiences and sentiments. Ultimately, they’ve evolved into artistic and economic entities, reflecting the dynamism of human expression, and have proven their enduring influence in our digital age by continuously adapting, embodying both satire and profound social observations.

By tracing the evolution of memes, we delve into a facet of contemporary collective expression and the boundless potentials of this interdisciplinary artistic and economic medium.

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Navigating from the realm of memes, we venture into the cutting-edge world of The Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△); a platform and movement established in 2020, which has since then had a pivotal role in the progression of the crypto art movement. Towards the beginning of September, the 2023 MOCA fundraiser marked a significant chapter in this evolution, bringing together over 700 artists from varied backgrounds, each contributing to the largest collective digital art work to date.

This event, while substantial, wasn’t just about raising funds—it was about bringing together diverse artistic perceptions and individual expressions, crafting a complex, multifaceted mosaic that mirrors both shared visions and unique insights.

In the following piece, Colborn joins Fakewhale for a discussion to shed more light on the initiative.

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Progressing from the innovative landscape of crypto art, we immerse ourselves into Lance Weiler’s recent multi-sensory installation at ArtYard, “Where There’s Smoke” — a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and profound artistic vision that facilitates a collective exploration of memories and grief.

Inspired by his very own enduring, his personal experience becomes testament to the universality of delicate themes that bind us together.
Weiler’s creation draws upon the complexities of human experiences, invoking participants to decode the puzzles of existence, confront deeply-rooted truths, and embark on a journey within a multitude of sensory inputs.

This installation, standing at the intersection of innovative technology and profound artistic vision, becomes an emblematic space. It offers both a collective exploration of our communal ties and a mirror for individual revelations, challenging us to dive deep and unearth the myriad facets of our intertwined human stories. The installation is more than just a piece of art; it is a sanctuary of emotional resonance, a place of deep reflection, exploration, and profound connections.

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Then follows our current Fakewhale Vault Spotlight, highlighting the works of ROBNESS, Nicolas Sassoon and Sutu.



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ORB #1 by Nicolas Sassoon

“ORB #1 is a digital moiré animation created in 2022, part of a series of animated optical patterns using geometric shapes and motifs referencing a visual language from the 60s & 70s. The piece is informed by the usage of geometry in optical and kinetic art, such as in the work of Victor Vasarely and Jesús Rafael Soto. ORB #1 is also partly inspired by book covers from the collection “ailleurs et demain” (elsewhere and tomorrow) published by Gerard Klein and Robert Laffont in France in 1969, focusing on contemporary sci-fi novels.”

Michael Kutsche

Oracle by Sutu 

This piece is a profound exploration of the evolving dance between humanity and technology, a theme recurrent in Sutu’s work. It examines the complex web of our digital identities, reflecting the vibrant, cyber-futuristic characters we are progressively transforming into.

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Transitioning to FW ROOMS, we continue into our ongoing, art-centric dialogues, presenting an insightful interview with Laurent Castellani by SomeWhere Art & Nighttimestory in conversation with Ferdinand Doblhammer.

In this engaging conversation with Laurent Castellani, an acclaimed photographer hailing from La Rochelle, France, readers are guided through the tapestry of his intricate art, exploring his unique aesthetic choices and groundbreaking endeavors in the NFT art sphere.

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In this dialogue with Ferdinand Doblhammer, a Vienna-based media artist born in Korneuburg, Austria in 1996, readers can learn about his explorations in media art, music, and design, stemming from his early fascination with computers and graphic design.

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As we conclude our exploration of these realms, we invite you to stay engaged with the evolving tapestry of discussions and discoveries in our latest ROOMS publications:

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