Federico Clapis: A Transcendental Journey Through Art and Technology

An innovative Italian visual artist, Federico Clapis explores the complexities of the human soul through an immersive dialogue between art and technology.

The Genesis of a Vision: Tracing Federico Clapis ‘ Artistic Journey

In order to fully comprehend Federico Clapis ’ artistic vision, it is necessary to trace his journey back to 2010, back to a period when he began living in an ashram in India and exploring existential paths in the West.

A profound inner journey took place during this time, and upon his return, Federico Clapis worked “undercover” producing viral videos on social networks to then convert his online presence into a tool to share his artistic works previously kept hidden.

His body of work is the materialization of his experiences, and a medium of introspection to connect with his followers. Technology, a recurring theme in his most famous pieces, is a metaphor for the contemporary to explore our timeless emotional states.

In 2021 he entered the world of crypto art with the debut piece “BabyDrone”, quickly positioning himself among the world’s leading artists in this new and radical form of art. 

Decoding Existence: The Approach to Technological Transcendence

Through the use of technology as a symbol to relate to our timeless emotional states, Federico Clapis expresses the complexities of a world heavily shaped by an elusive and encrypted past, as in “Monochrome New Race“.

A symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology is similarly captured in his prominent piece “Connection“, which depicts the mysterious bond between mother and son, transcending the physical realm and becoming part of the vast digital network as a whole.

As a result of unraveling these layers, Federico Clapis ‘ work represents an evolution in art where physical and digital convergence reveals a new language of expressive expression that further pushes the boundaries between traditional and contemporary art.

His works echo the sentiment that even in an era where technology reigns supreme, our emotional states and the essence of our soul remain constant despite the ever-changing landscape of human life.

In light of this, both his digital and physical installations serve as vehicles for this precise exploration, offering insight into the observer’s shared interiority as well as the artist’s, especially when it comes to works like “MetaSense,” where tangible and virtual worlds intersect to challenge meaning perceptions. 

Crafting a New Art Market Narrative and Laying The Foundation For Post-Conceptual Art

Throughout his career, Federico Clapis has consistently built upon his foundational work, creating a body of work that reflects his ever-evolving vision. This explorative journey has led him to the precipice of Post-Conceptual Art—a new era in experiencing Conceptual Art that bridges the divide between contemporary art and NFTs.

In Clapis’ words, “Post-Conceptual Art, a new wave is coming, and we will be many.”

As Federico Clapis ‘ work crosses the physical and digital realms, it represents more than mere aesthetics: it represents a revolutionary idea, in which technology becomes a powerful metaphor for the personal expression of ideas.

The approach leads us to consider technology not only as a tribute, but also as a tool that offers limitless possibilities. To Clapis, being a digital artist is more than just creating and selling art – it is about revolutionizing the market.

For instance, his “Diamond Hands Ranking” project aims to introduce a small revolution to the intricate NFT market: an ambitious attempt to infuse order and stability in the market while encouraging a constructive mindset among collectors.

“Diamond Hands Ranking” is a ranking that rewards visionary collectors who have a long-term approach towards the market, where works and holding times determine a scoring that will give different privileged entries with every successive Nifty Gateway drop.

Through this initiative, Clapis seeks to develop a market based on long-term vision and merit, rather than the number of works or the amount of money spent by collectors.

“I am fully aware that part of the market is animated by short-term approaches, which I do not wish to judge as I obviously see the usefulness of liquidity this generates. But if we want to give a deeper definition of the term “collector”, in my opinion it is someone who contributes to your growth, who has and can afford a long-term vision and believes in the project and in your art, and not those who want to earn immediately after purchasing a piece.”

In his ongoing exploration of the complex nexus of art, technology, and human existence, Clapis challenges boundaries urging us to reconsider how we relate to our world and our place within it through a fresh perspective and an open mind. 

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