Fakewhale Presents FW LOG – Curated Media

When we founded Fakewhale, our main objective was to create a permanent collection that could document and unite the most influential creators driving the ongoing technological-artistic revolution to bridge the traditional and digital art worlds.

A mission anchored in a more expansive vision, namely, the empowerment of art through digital culture which involves more than just the convergence of technology with art; rather it demands a new understanding of how we value, interact with, and appreciate art in the digital age.

Blockchain technology, while often seen in a critical light as a tool for the digital art market, holds deeper value in its capacity to offer enduring proof of the historical and cultural significance of our era — NFTs serve as a container for art, reinforcing the inherent qualities art possesses but previously lacked the means to fully express.

Guided by this vision, we established the Fakewhale Vault, which currently preserves the works of over 50+ influential artists, each artwork representing a mosaic tile of what is set to become one of the rarest digital art collections in existence offering an native perspective on this cultural moment.

From that point forward, our unwavering commitment to the Vault drove us to embrace meticulous curation, cross-chain curated art sales, IRL exhibitions, and our latest venture into the metaverse—the Fakewhale VR Program.

Nevertheless, as the digital art landscape continues to shift and expand, we’ve realized there’s still more ground to cover.

Despite the vast potential of blockchain technology, uncertainty and ambiguity continue to persist in the crypto-art domain, where superficiality and profit-chasing often overshadow the truth. The need for trustworthy and relevant knowledge has never been greater in an age of media and information overload.

In light of this, we are proud to introduce FW LOG: Curated Media — an artist-centric media blog where our internal team’s curatorial endeavors come together with the insightful contributions of key thought leaders committed to the evolution of the digital art landscape.

Specifically designed for art enthusiasts and the curious alike, the FW LOG provides a wide selection of high-quality content from leading industry experts — it’s a compass to help readers navigate the intricate pathways of the digital art world while offering insights, commentary, and in-depth analysis of the latest developments, trends, and breakthroughs.

With its array of innovative features that exemplify the dynamism inherent in digital art itself, every layer reflects its very own dynamism: from ROOMS, Fakewhale curation, interviews, and more, this platform further emphasizes our ongoing commitment to bridging traditional and digital art, as well as providing a deeper appreciation for the transformative potential of digital creation. 

ROOMS: Autonomous Media Spaces

A fascinating dichotomy lies at the core of this section: though there are many channels for artists to express themselves, innovate and engage, there appears to be a void when it comes to channels that foster informed, critical opinions and thought-provoking debate.

For this reason, we believe that in this era of rapid digital evolution, there’s a need for an intermediary layer, a ‘Web 2.5’ of sorts to spread awareness, foster broader participation, and therefore bridge the existing digital divide.

This approach isn’t just about bridging a technological divide—it’s about humanizing the digital experience, and making it accessible and relatable to all. An intentional move towards including those outside the Web3 spectrum and cultivating an environment that is both accessible and inclusive.

ROOMS steps up to address this imbalance, crafting a unique space for dialogue that not only amplifies voices but also wields the potential to influence and shape the future trajectory of digital art within a multidimensional narrative.

The premise of ROOMS is a unique fusion of expertise and unconventional thought, where each ‘room’ is meticulously curated by leaders and industry experts to share insights, analyze trends, and spotlight the creators who are actively shaping the digital art landscape.

CURATION: Historical Expressions Archive

From emerging talent to established masters, FW LOG’s curation section represents an evolving, living showcase of the artistic zeitgeist of our time, ensuring that today’s digital artists — with their distinct narratives and creative visions —solidify their place as foundational and impactful elements within the future’s cultural and historical discourse, attesting to their enduring legacy.

Reflecting multifaceted interplay of tradition, innovation, and cultural interconnectedness, this section serves as a repository of historic expressions.

The centerpiece of this segment is the Fakewhale Vault, our most ambitious curatorial project to date: a permanent, on-chain collection of artworks that are not for sale, underscoring the notion that value and legacy need not be created through selling.

Building upon the spirit of the Vault and our broader curatorial efforts, we introduce our readers to a diverse range of artists on a weekly basis. 

INTERVIEWS: Discerning the Digital Discourse

FW LOG’s INTERVIEWS section spotlights the world’s most talented and influential artists.

Pioneered by Jesse Draxler, these interviews provide a deep dive into artists’ creative processes and visions, creating a mosaic of inspiration, exploration, and innovation.

As we continue to foster an inclusive space rich in diverse viewpoints, we are thrilled to announce an evolution in the INTERVIEWS format: while Jesse’s interviews will continue to be a crucial part of this outlet, we are now broadening the spectrum of interviewers to include a wider range of voices.

As if part of a dynamic storyboard, each INTERVIEWS episode presents a new frame, adding depth and detail to the larger narrative of the digital art landscape — it’s here that we connect the dots, tracing the transformative impact of technologies like blockchain and NFTs, and visualizing the potential paths that digital art might take in the years to come. 


In a time when crypto-art is filled with confusion and misconceptions, often fueled by short-sighted greed, the FW LOG is dedicated to continue demystifying these pre-constructed concepts based on the belief that cultural heritage will always prevail in the long run.

At the epicenter of this endeavor are the artists.

Our platform transcends the traditional roles of preservation and documentation, bringing the spotlight back on the artists – the essence of the narratives we value.

This approach is integral to Fakewhale’s broader ambition to establish a novel ecosystem where art and technology are more than mere endpoints but rather the starting point for exploration and innovation, thereby enhancing our understanding and appreciation of digital creativity.

In this regard, Fakewhale isn’t just advocating for the development of the digital art market, but actively laying the groundwork for a future where art and technology are seamlessly woven into our collective cultural narrative. 

Founded in 2021, Fakewhale advocates the digital art market's evolution. Viewing NFT technology as a container for art, and leveraging the expansive scope of digital culture, Fakewhale strives to shape a new ecosystem in which art and technology become the starting point, rather than the final destination.

FW LOG is a curated media platform investigating the junction point between technology and art. It provides in-depth insights through the Fakewhale ecosystem, featuring the latest industry news, comprehensive curation, interviews, show spotlights and trends shaping tomorrow’s art market.

Explore the synergy between digital culture and the future of contemporary art.