In conversation with diewiththemostlikes

During this episode of Fakewhale Live, diewiththemostlikes and host Jesse Draxler discuss a variety of topics

including writing, art, and performing in front of an audience, with a focus on diewiththemostlike’s artistic background, including how he became drawn to writing over the years.

In particular, he discusses the motivations for his art and the emotions that inspire it: mentioning how his art is a reflection of his own personal experiences, and how it’s often influenced by his obsession with despair and longing.

Furthermore, he discusses the idea of creating art as a means of exploring emotions and processing painful experiences.

From this point onwards, the conversation turns to the topic of existentialism, and the idea that life is fleeting and that the time we spend creating is often lost or thrown away — explaining that although he lives a happy life, his art is a sad expression of the struggles he faces.

According to him, creating is a means of leaving a part of ourselves behind, as an act that reminds us of our own mortality.

The video ends with a discussion of the impact of art on our lives and how it can help us to understand and connect with the world around us. 

Jesse Draxler is an LA-based artist working in mixed media and digital formats to create deconstructed, distorted images.

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