Woc: At the Intersection of Graffiti and Contemporary Iconography

Woc, the creative alter-ego of Flavio Rossi, is an artist who dissects the imagery of our era, translating digital aesthetics into the language of canvas and spray paint.

The Artistic Evolution of Woc: Graffiti, Collaborations, and Digital Explorations

Originally from Turin, Italy, Woc began his artistic journey at the prestigious Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti while actively involved in the Graffiti scene. Graduating in 2018, he quickly became immersed in the world of digital imagery, exploring the many forms an image can take, whether it’s web-based visuals, press images, or corporate logos.

A breakthrough in his career came in 2017 when legendary designer Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White™, came upon his work on Instagram — a discovery that sparked a collaboration that carried on until 2021, during which Woc created influential designs for numerous Off-White™ collections.

Woc’s artistic prowess has since then been sought after by numerous brands including Universal Music, Sony Music, Adidas, and Nike, leading to collaborations with artists such as Mecna, Myss Keta, and Michael Sorriso.

His art has also adorned the walls of various exhibitions, including NESSUNO È SOLO, SOCIAL BOOM at Noire Gallery, and L’ultimo amore at Ualuba.org. Furthermore, Woc co-founded the fashion brand Italia90, serving as its art director.

A foray into the broader digital art scene followed in 2022 with his first work on HEN entitled “BEAST (Mark Zuckerberg’s dog)”. 

Woc’s Philosophy: Interpreting the Power of Viral Imagery

Woc’s philosophy emphasizes the aesthetic and symbolic power of images, exploring how we perceive, consume, and internalize digital images as they shift from the pixelated to the tangible.

In light of this, Woc’s art is centered primarily on viral images and pop-culture phenomena, dissecting the symbolic undertones and aesthetic evolution these images undergo as they proliferate within the digital ecosystem.

By incorporating digital content and viral trends into his artwork, Woc combines these elements with nostalgic cues reminiscent of his childhood — as a result his style, a blend of graffiti and historic art references, juxtaposed with contemporary digital symbols, produces an aesthetic that is both familiar and refreshingly new at the same time.

A master of the sprayed blurred technique, Woc employs spray paint and pencils to bring to life his visions. Through the unconventional fusion of these mediums, he immortalizes the fleeting nature of digital visuals, preserving their meaning far beyond their transient digital existence, while reflecting the ephemeral nature of viral internet phenomena.

Since 2022, in addition to minting in the Fakewhale Vault with “Nine months”, Woc has been featured within Fakewhale Cross drops with iconic works including “DONDI”, “46” on objkt.com and “DOLLAR” on Nifty Gateway.

In an exploration of contemporary symbolism, Woc’s work compels us to examine the aesthetics of our digital consumption, question its meaning, and appreciate its multifaceted beauty. 

The Evolution of Woc’s Style: Merging Graffiti Spirit with Contemporary Iconography

Woc’s essence lies in his ability to interpret the transience of digital culture and solidify it into something lasting, tangible, and thought-provoking — his creations, whether on canvas, clothing, or the digital canvas of the internet, provoke dialogue, ignite the imagination, and remind us that symbolism is ever-evolving.

Today, gradually shifting from large walls to canvases, Woc combines all these inputs in a unique path supported by a sort of graffiti-underground spirit, knowledge of historical art and contemporary iconography. 

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