In conversation with Metageist

In this episode of Fakewhale Live, host Jesse Draxler engages in a stimulating conversation with the digital artist Metageist, who shares his unique artistic journey, revealing how design helped him carve a place for himself within the music community.

Highlights of the conversation include discussions about Metageist’s roots in event promotion, his journey into digital art, the discovery and mastery of VR, the potential of VR as an art medium, and his immersive dive into crypto art.

The conversation then ventures into the terrain of advanced tools such as AI-infused photogrammetry programs, Metageist’s artistic inspirations, the concept of Metafighter, and philosophical topics like simulation theory and panpsychism.

Towards the end, they discuss their future plans, with Metageist revealing his dedication to his artistic journey and his hopes of creating immersive experiences within the art world — closing with an engaging discourse on the power of imagination and storytelling in crypto art, and the significant role of reinvestment. 

Jesse Draxler is an LA-based artist working in mixed media and digital formats to create deconstructed, distorted images.

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