RIP HEN II 2022 | A Fakewhale IRL Exhibition

On November 11th, 2022, RIP HEN makes a return at the Valuart Gallery with its second IRL installation to commemorate the early HEN days.

However this time, it extended itself also within the online realm. From November 11th to November 16th, the whole community was invited to mint in memory of HEN and to collect the pieces by using the hashtag #RIPHEN through NFTBiker’s Event page tool. An initiative, presented by Fakewhale in partnership with Valuart, 1of1, HERE & NOW, The Tickle and NFTBiker.

An Overview of the Event

A tribute to the past, present and future of HEN — in addition to an exceptional exhibition, these were the results of the RIP HEN online event:

– Total artworks : 1,085 

– Total editions: 59,830 

– Total artists: 722  

Primary market – Editions sold : 22,905 – Total collected : 39,318.86tz – 911 distinct artworks sold by 656 artists

Secondary market – Editions sold : 1,417 – Total collected : 8,590.14tz – 171 distinct artworks sold by 120 artists

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